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With covid-19 cases reaching 139,282,116 world wide, virtual dates are definitely something to try rather than in-person.

Many people don’t have access to the immunization at this point, and countries simply not having access to enough for everyone at this point, we are still living with many restrictions. If you’re feeling a little lonely, and want to connect with others, maybe it’s time to try a virtual date with Jersey Dating. Virtual dates can take a lot of stress off of you, as you only have to worry about the top half of you! (haha)

While in-person dating can feel more intimate and personal, there are definitely ways to step up your virtual dates too! Here are 10 virtual dates to push you out of your comfort zone, and get intimate and personal with your partner.

Movie night

Set up your video date to watch a movie together. Or, you both watch the same movie on your own ends. Snuggle up on the couch, and try to pretend like your partner is right there with you. Laugh at the funny parts together, and talk about it after. This invites conversations about feelings, opinions, and so much more.

Game night

What are your favorite games? Play them together through video. This might not work with all games, but definitely with a few! Playing a game together will get you laughing and enjoying your time together!

Cook a meal together

Find a meal that neither of you have cooked before, and prepare it together! Measure, stir, and cook it, step by step over video.

Theme night

Dress up and have a theme night! Maybe you’re pretending you’re sitting on the beach in Hawaii and sipping a margarita. Design your environment (within reason) to reflect this! Put your bathing suit on and make a margarita. It may feel silly, and that’s okay! It will be fun!

Have a candle lit dinner together.

This could be the dinner you made with the idea above, or just simply a dinner. It could be formal, with a beautiful dress and suit, or totally casual. You get to decide and be in charge. Light a few candles, turn the lights out and bask in the ambience.

Take a virtual class together.

Find something both you and your partner/date are interested in and learn together!

Have a dance party.

Yes, this one sounds crazy, but how fun would it be to just be a little bit silly and dance?!

Play online games together.

Find a two player online game and play together.

Take a painting class online.

Dive into colors and apparatus together and get messy! Create a masterpiece that you can remember you created together!

Wine and beer tasting.

Tell each other your favorite drinks, and swap! You drink their favorite and they drink yours! Such a fun way to find new drinks, and explore together creating memories.

Swap playlists.

Swap each others playlists! Jam, and listen to each others favorite songs while hanging out on video!

Using an online dating service, such as Jersey Dating can feel intimidating but it can also be very fun! Virtual dates are such a great way to get to know each other and have fun!

Have you tried any of these ideas?

Love Always, Enn


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