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I recently noticed the days are starting to become shorter.

We wait so long for the heat, and to feel the warmth of the sun’s rays kissing our skin, and it comes and leaves so quickly. Before we even know it we’re shopping for new boots to embrace fall with can carving pumpkins for the front door. Summer happens and then leaves so quickly, almost as if it wants you to forget it was ever there.

I always enjoy changing some decor around in my house when the season changes.

I find it gives the environment a different feel. It seems suitable when the exterior environment also has a different feel. Sometimes it’s just a matter of changing throw cushions and adding some cozy, warm tones into the room. Other times it’s more major and involves changing furniture or rearranging furniture. I just really enjoy giving my rooms a fresh feel as we get ready to welcome the next season.

Here are 15 upgrades to make to your home during this change of seasons. Some of them are more major renos and some are more simple.

A home flat lay featuring a soft blanket and candles.
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  1. Change your throw pillows. Just add one or two colours that bring that warmth and calming atmosphere to the room. Pillows are a great way to make a room feel inviting and safe. Play around with different-sized pillows, and if you’re feeling adventurous, try some textured materials as well. Exploring texture is a great way to bring dimension into the room.
  2. Update your family photos. It’s so fun to watch as everyone grows and changes. Add splashes of memories and smiles onto the walls.
  3. Change your front door. Updating the front door can help lower your energy bills as well as ensuring safety and security. Be bold and choose a statement door, or be calm and choose something that flows with your exterior. Don’t be afraid to explore texture on the door or unique wood grain.
  4. Make your own floral arrangements to display. Go with in-season flowers so you get the right colours and feel to the space. Be creative with what you use as a vase and try to work it into the feel of the room that already exists.
  5. Tidy up everything that is out of place. I know that doesn’t seem like an upgrade but believe me, it is. Put every item where it belongs, or make a spot for where items can belong. Donate items you’re family is no longer using.
  6. Replace your windows with windows from Three Counties Windows. Replacing your windows will update the look of the exterior as well as keeping drafts out of the indoors. Explore all the windows and don’t be shy to be bold. Choose something that you will be happy with for a long time.
  7. Clean door handles, railings and light switches. These get very dirty from hands touching them all day long. Give them a wipe down and see the colour change.
  8. Set up a front door display embracing fall. Try adding some pumpkins, hay bales and a scarecrow.
  9. Add on a conservatory to your house. There are many different styles to pick from so it shouldn’t be too difficult to pick something to go with your home. A conservatory, for those of you who maybe are unaware, is a relaxing addition to the house featuring a lot of windows and daylight. This is an excellent way to allow more natural daylight into your home.
  10. Put up kids hanging hooks (only if you have children of course). This will help keep the winter jackets that will soon be needed, nice and organized.
  11. Clean up the shoe closet. Whatever doesn’t fit, donate. Doing this with everything is a good way to keep the house tidy. If clothing doesn’t fit there isn’t a need to hold onto it then. Only have what you and your family are actually using.
  12. Wipe off picture frames that are displayed or hanging. It’s shocking how much dust sits on those frames and dulls the colour or effect. Give them all a good clean and watch how they POP on the walls and tables again.
  13. Put out a front doormat. This is in anticipation of the snow that you will have to wipe off your boots soon. (AHHH!) This is a great way to add personality to the front door. Get creative with it and look for the one most perfect for your front door.
  14. I know I already mentioned pumpkins, but I love pumpkins so much that I’m going to mention them again. Get some pumpkins and display them! Front door, inside, the deck. Pumpkins belong everywhere and they add a really cozy feel to the environment.
  15. Replace all lightbulbs with high-efficiency ones. This will improve the quality and brightness of the lighting along with being better for the planet.

There you have it!

Fifteen upgrades your house needs during this change of season! If you want more inspiration for home decor check out my Autumn Decor Guide.

Are you doing any upgrades to your space this year? Share them below!

Love Always, Enn


8 thoughts on “15 Home Upgrades Your Home Needs

  1. Great ideas!I love to freshen up my home at the beginning of each season. Changing out the throw pillows and adding some seasonal decor is at the top of my list!

  2. Great suggestions! I really love the idea of changing photos in particular, I have so many recent photos with family and friends that I want to get up! Thanks for sharing x

  3. I love the idea of using pumpkins for decor! Although I’ll have to keep swapping them out as I cook with them!

    Thanks for the reminder to revamp the home for the season!

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