HEY I’M AWESOME – and you are too!!

Being insecure is something I have struggled with my entire life. Body image issues have lived with me from the beginning. I`ve always sought approval, and validation from outside sources, rather than internal. I have tried many times to convince myself that this wasn`t the case, but none the less, it was, and it is. Learning how to re-focus, and even learn to love what I deem to be flaws has been hard. Being our own biggest critics, I think it`s hard to take what we presume to be negative and turn it into positive. Where does this flaw-like thinking start? For me, it began as a child. I can of course only speak personally. With body image issues beginning as early as 5, it is easy to assume that I was not alone in the struggle. Body image being how one perceives their body, and how they assume others…

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