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I can`t believe it at all. I`m not sure where the last 12 years went!! Time flies! In honor of my 30th, I created a birthday gift guide! Gifts that I think would be LOVELY for someone about my age!

One of my most favorite things are gift baskets! AsanabarSoaps is definitely the shop to go!

AsanabarSoaps promotes health and wellness by providing all natural soaps, body care, and cleaning products without the use of palm oils, dyes, chemical preservatives, or “fragrance.”

With my love of writing, a notebook is a must!!

Writing is an outlet for me, and it helps me to make sense of my feelings and thoughts. I LOVE this notebook because it is simple.

Angie Harris Photography’s Etsy shop features fine art landscape photography prints and gifts.  Angie strives to capture the beauty in ordinary things. From focusing on small areas of a large object, or capturing a beautiful landscape to the stars in the night sky, she desires to create photographs that draw out an emotion in the viewer that connects them to the image.

I love me a beautiful bag!

A good quality bag has always been worth the investment to me. I take a long time to choose one, and spend a long time looking, because I don`t buy very often. BagBoneLeatherStore has quality products and classic pieces that don`t lose style.

Simple and beautiful designs, high quality hardware, good quality cotton lining or nylon lining as you want. Noble and luxury style, high quality fabric, special ring buckle, top quality product & Regular price.

They don`t compromise on quality. When you place an order with them, you are guaranteed of strict quality control and providing you consistent quality products.

You can visit their website and pick out your next beautiful bag over here!!

At FHDesignsShop there are so many gorgeous scarves that I am in love with! Fouzia is proud to be part of the Apparel industry that connects the maker and the wearer. Her passion for wearing fashionable scarves pushed the entrepreneur in her to start her own scarf business. She also sells semi precious bead jewelry too!

I think these prints would be an incredible gift as well.

Hopeful Romantic Art is a beautiful shop that has prints that I would want my walls covered in!

Hopeful Romantic Art sparked from two sisters` passion for romantic comedies, cheesy love stories, and beautiful home décor. They`ve combined the best things in life and created a premium line of digital prints for all the hopeful romantics in the world; that’s right, hopeful not hopeless. They like to think that they create more than just art. They create hope for everyone out there that believes in true love and the fairytale ending.

They focus on the quality of their artwork. Their premium fine art paper has a longer lifespan than other inferior paper- around 100 years under glass. That means the fresh quality of our printed artwork will last a lifetime… how romantic!

A beautiful gift box is always a fun gift!

There are so many ways to personalize it and make it come from your heart. At NuttyGnome they have gorgeous gift boxes I would LOVE! Since they are so isolated from the hustle and bustle of the city, it’s allowed them to put a lot of their focus into their creative processes. They love coming up with new creations and sharing them with everyone! All of their products are gnome-made in the USA! 

Every woman could use a 30th Birthday shirt as well!

Thirty is a special birthday and this shop owner has been thrilled to have helped many people celebrate it in style (as they most certainly should) over the past few years!!

Nicole has been a designer for over 20 years now with her main niche being Branding and Design for mainly Business to Business clients. However, she loves crafting and art so much on a personal level, that she found an outlet for her additional creative energy through Etsy. It has helped her express myself (and others) in a unique and creative way that she really enjoys. 

Momentos are always a beautiful gift!

Little Vince UK create unique, personalised, quality cards, prints, and artwork. They also provide a bespoke artwork service so if you can think it, they can make it!!

And every party needs some decorations!!

Engert Crafts and More is a party supply shop on Etsy. They make confetti, cupcake toppers, garland and lots more. All of their products can be customized with different colors or sizes, so that they are a perfect fit for your party.

I thought I would be afraid of 30. I was up until recently. But, I think I`m learning to embrace myself.

Regardless of my age, I am still the same person as I was yesterday. Age is only a number right?

What is your favorite gift from here?

Love Always, N


23 thoughts on “The 30th Birthday Gift Guide: For Her!

  1. I also find Etsy shops to be sooo helpful and handy for finding personalised and unique gifts for your loved ones! xx

  2. HAPPY BIRTHDAY! There are so many great gift ideas here I love the prints from Hopeful Romantic Art I can’t believe they will last 100 years behind glass, how incredible! Also, the NuttyGnome gift box is such a cool idea I will need to check them out!

    1. Yes I definitely LOVE the prints too! It’s incredible how long they will last!! Thanks so much for the birthday wishes!!!

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