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It’s fairly well known that April 20, (4/20) is a holiday for cannabis culture.

April 20, commonly known as 4/20 is a day for people to gather together to celebrate and consume cannabis. There are usually many events world wide (I say usually, because of covid-19). Many events are simply celebrating the liberation of cannabis, while others are advocating for the legalization of it. On that day, many users protest civil disobedience, gathering in public to light up at 4:20 pm. On October 17, 2018, non medical cannabis was legalized in Canada. I was at the dispensary the very same day. (I shared more about my journey with cannabis in a previous post. A Few Things Every Cannabis User Needs.

Using cannabis has completely changed my life. I do understand that for many it brings anxiety, depression, and even paranoia. But for me it gives me a sense of calmness and my creativity booms. For any questions regarding cannabis, talk to your medical professional and do your research. It is not for everyone. But for those who enjoy it, or just want to support my blog (thank you, you’re awesome), here are some 4/20 related brands that you need to check out. Also, my favorite place to get my weed is JustCannabis. They have an incredible selection for the most competitive prices I’ve ever seen!

Purely Heart Creations is a beautiful and unique shop. While Debby, (shop owner) does not use cannabis very often, she definitely supports it. She believes people use it for many reasons such as social, medical and spiritual. When she uses, it’s either to help her sleep or deal with chronic pain. She likes the way she feels using cannabis, as she feels more aware of herself, her thoughts, surroundings and universe.

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The North Fence Shop Hugh and Ardith have been making and selling hand-turned wood pens from locally sourced hardwoods for several years, which somehow led to experimenting with hand-turned roach clips.

They’ve been selling the roach clips on Etsy for the past year or since the beginning of the pandemic. The clips are quite unique in terms of design and look, and the reviews have been positive. Hugh and Ardith are pro cannabis use, and hope that more people will see the benefits of cannabis, as well as the benefits of using a classy looking roach clip, which also looks great in any stash box. 

SoBoxsy– “The cannabis industry in Toronto has been booming since its legalization which has been great for the economy and for cannabis users. However, the dialogue around cannabis has not changed very much and there seems to still be a stigma around people who use cannabis for non medical reasons. I’d like to see this stigma go away given medical reasons shouldn’t be the only legitimate reason why people use cannabis. Many people use cannabis for mental health reasons or simply because they just want to. I’d like to be able to see people gift soboxsy’s cannabis gift box with zero hesitation or worry about what people will think because any cannabis or beauty lover will enjoy this gift box. Despite the products in the cannabis gift box not containing any THC or CBD you can always throw a little green in there if you know what I mean. 
The cannabis beauty gift box was created for both cannabis and beauty lovers alike. The Botanica jojo roller benefits the Svalbard global seed bank and this roller is therapeutic for many for on the go aromatherapy. The Great Bear Wax candle smells like cannabis, wild florals & moss. The bath bomb was made by a local vendor and smells like bubble gum. The SF Glow beauty face masks contain cannabis sativa (hemp) seed oil, green purslane extract & meadowfoam seed oil that deeply hydrate and condition the face to save stressed skin struggling with inflammation, dryness and dullness. Lastly, we include a grinder and matches for good measure. “Cannabis Gift Box  Cannabis Gifts  Cannabis Beauty  image 0

Bohemian Brown Gurl is a beautiful shop owned by Frances. It is an online jewelry and accessories store. Frances had never experimented with cannabis until about a year and a half ago. Back in December of 2018 sge was hit by a car walking through a parking lot. Her left leg had been damaged.

Frances couldn’t get much help with doctors that would give her pain medication.

France’s daughter was also hit by a car 6 months later while crossing the street, and her shoulder had been hurt. That’s when she started experimenting with cannabis and cbd products. That’s also how she came up with the idea of the stash boxes and books. Frances wanted something cute to house her cannabis related items and the boxes and books developed a life of their own!! She then added the For Grown Folks section to her jewelry website. Here you can find her stash boxes and books and other items she has come across during her cannabis journey.

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Bzz Box Stash Box

The best way to organize and store your stash. Improve convenience and usability, while adding peace of mind.

Flower Stampede is the shop for smoking haute cannabis accessories. Legalization inspired owner Dena to follow her dream, and design pretty accessories that are also practical and affordable. Flower Stampede’s value-priced bundles make great Mother’s Day gifts Or keep your fave and gift the rest!

The Flower Stampede Sesh Set has everything you need to enhance and beautify your high. It includes the Signature Floral Pattern Rolling Tray and 4-Layer Cannabis Grinder, plus the stunning Magnetic Spoon Pipe. Also available in the Mini Sesh Set with the Rolling Tray and 4-Layer Cannabis Grinder.

Moms on the go will love the Fresh Air Sesh Set. With an advanced activated carbon lining for 100% odour absorption, the Locking, Smell Proof Stash Bag has an easy to set TSA-style lock to keep everything secure. Plus, enjoy a toke everywhere with the adorable and discreet Lipstick Pipe. Switches from a lipstick case to a deep-bowled weed and hash pipe in seconds!

There you have it friends! Amazing brands to check out!

Happy 420

Love Always, Enn


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