I’ve been on a mission to improve my hair’s health for a while. After years of damaging it, bleaching it, or coloring it as often as my mood shifted, I really wanted to start taking better care of it. I was struggling with dry, brittle, damaged hair. It would literally fall out in clumps in the shower. And, no matter what, it wasn’t ever soft. It always had a rough texture.  It took a long time to figure out what worked, but I have found a few hair care tools that have really helped. My hair is now silky soft with wavy curls. It’s less frizzy, shinier, and easy to manage, even though it’s longer than I’ve had in years.

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First up is this banana-nourishing hair mask. It smells terrific and makes my hair feel amazing. My hair is thick and quite unruly. This hair mask works wonders!

Next is a curl comb. This is my go-to any time my hair is dry and tangly.

This conditioner is a must. Also – it smells like heaven.

This large bamboo brush feels so much nicer on my head than the brush I was previously using. It feels much softer, and less of my hair is coming out, so yay for that.

And finally, a glossing serum. This is exceptionally helpful with fighting the frizz, especially with how moist it’s been here lately.

My hair used to be super tangly, especially with wearing a scarf every time I go outside, and now it’s soft and way less tangly. These hair care tools are a game-changer.

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What is your winter must-have hair care stuff?

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