Hi! Thanks for stopping in at my little corner of the internet. Today I’m going to share a few money-saving tips you can use and apply to your financial goals for 2023. Before I go too far though, let me share a few of my other money-related blog posts you might find helpful.

With everything costing an enormous amount of money, every time one visits the store, we’re at a pivotal time in the world. Many people are having to “borrow from Peter to pay Paul” and wrapping themselves up in debt. And that’s not even accounting for the costs we endure to celebrate Christmas. The average person spends over $800 on Christmas shopping, much of which is unaccounted for, not budgeted, and perhaps borrowed from something else. Life is hitting times that are more difficult than they’ve ever been. We exist in a time where every penny is important. Every last dollar needs to be accounted for.

5 things to stop buying in 2023

1- Coffee every morning.

How many people here go through a Starbucks drive-thru or another coffee shop nearly every morning before work? Why not buy the coffee you like and make a takeout for yourself instead? This helps with producing less waste and costs less per cup than what you’ll be charged at the till.

2- Streaming services.

Wait, hear me out. I’m not suggesting you go into 2023 without streaming services, but if you’re anything like me, you probably have more than you can watch, but you’re paying for them monthly. Instead of having five different streaming services, opt for 1-2 per month and switch things up whenever you’re running out of things to watch.

3- More clothes.

This is something I will be working on personally. I adore new clothes but end up with a huge closet of things I’ve worn once or twice. I will definitely be cutting back on making clothing purchases unless they’re necessary.

4- Junk food.

Instead of the bag of chips, try some apples and bananas. I know that’s not what you want to hear, but we’re only alive for a limited time, so let’s commit to caring for ourselves as best as we can in 2023.

5- Take out food.

Using a simple calculator such as this one – calculate your savings – you can easily see how quickly your savings can begin to pile up once you stop making mindless purchases and focus on being more intentional.

What are you doing to save money in 2023? Leave your tips below.

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