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With a global pandemic going on, and being in lockdown for over a month, I’m sure sex is the last thing on your mind.

(Or, maybe not… maybe this has been great for your sex life?) Let’s talk about the first one though. You’re in lockdown with your partner. 24 hours a day, you’re together. This can definitely hinder a relationship, never mind sex life.

There are many amazing benefits of sex, so keeping your sex life alive during this time can be very helpful in coping through the stress and uncertainty.

Sex boosts your immune system, so less sick days! Having regular orgasms also helps to strengthen a womans’ pelvic floor muscles, essentially improving her bladder control. Sex can also lower your blood pressure. It burns about 5 calories a minute, so HELLO CARDIO! is one of many sites that can help you find that special partner for your life. With the benefits of sex in mind, how do you keep your sex life alive during these extraordinary times?

1. Communicate

Communication is key. The most IMPORTANT rule of sexual relationships, or life really. Be clear with your partner about your needs and wants. Be honest about how you’re feeling and your libido. Do not do anything that you don’t want to or that doesn’t feel good to you.

2. Be intimate

The power of touch is quite incredible. London sex is another site that could help you find that special person. Physical affection helps to reduce stress hormones and releases those feel-good hormones. It helps us to feel secure and wanted. When you’re sitting together on the couch, sit side by side. Try holding hands or resting your head on your partners shoulders. Be physical with eachother.

3. Take time by yourself

At a time when we’re forced to stay indoors, it doesn’t take long to get sick of each other. Take time on your own. Some ideas of how to do that during lockdown are: sit in different rooms for even just a small amount of time. Enjoy a coffee, or watch something on your own. Alone time is important.

4. Schedule physical intimacy

I know you’re probably thinking “what are you talking about?”! But seriously, being with each other 24 hours a day can make your relationship go from intimate to room mates quite quickly. It could be helpful to set aside purposeful time to explore physical intimacy with one another.

5. Get creative

Try new things. Get creative. Try new things! Explore new positions, new ways, new toys, whatever feels good for you. Make sure you are communicating during this time though!

The lockdown has been TOUGH!

Financial stresses, parenting stresses, and so much more, it seems the list is overwhelmingly large. With there being so many stressful variables right now, it’s important to stay connected physically and emotionally.

Spend time alone, building and strengthening your relationship with yourself, along with spending intentional time with your partner. It might feel strange at the time, but these two things can help your relationship flourish.

Have you struggled with physical intimacy during the lockdown?

Love Always, N


6 thoughts on “5 Tips To Keep Your Sex Life Alive When You’re In Lockdown Together

  1. Absolutely LOVE these ideas. I agree completely. My bf and I really pride ourselves in the fact that we can spend SO much time together and never grow sick of each other but… isolation is very very interesting lol and I HAVE noticed how good it feels to even get a sliver of time apart and then to come together and how goooooOOOood that feels. Alone time is much needed and it honestly does play big factor. Thanks for the good read !!

    1. I also Am in the same position. My husband and don’t get sick of each other. But it’s definitely good to have alone time! Thanks for reading and commenting ?

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