Summer fashion is in full swing, and we see all the colors, trends, and styles. But what about the summer fashion mistakes that everyone makes? Why are we not talking about that? Wait, hold on – HI! Thanks for stopping by here. I got pretty excited to share my latest ideas with you and forgot to introduce myself and welcome you to my corner of this beautiful digital world!

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Today I’m talking about some unforgivable summer fashion mistakes that we’ve all made. Yes. All. Are you curious? Before we dive into that, can I please share with you my favorite summer fashion this year? Yes. Okay. Great!

Summer Fashion I’m Loving


Summer Fashion Mistakes That Are Unforgivable

Okay, guys, unforgivable seems intense. But below, I’m sharing six summer fashion mistakes that you must avoid.

Summer is not a time for leather.

Though leather is awesome, avoid it during the summer. Do not attempt leather pants when it’s hot.

Make sure you’re wearing a properly fitting bra.

A properly fitting bra can make all the difference. It can help back pain, posture, and more. I prefer light bralettes personally. I don’t love bras with wires. Like who decided we needed wires poking into us?

Avoid heavy/sticky materials.

Invest in summer clothing that is comfortable. Materials like linen and cotton are perfect. Avoid thick and heavy materials as they’ll limit airflow and increase body temperature.

Don’t use belts for just jeans.

Belts are an awesome accessory and can be used in many outfits. A good belt can change/make a whole outfit. Use a belt on a maxi dress, skirt, or romper. You’re not limited to just clothing with belt loops. Have fun with belts.

Avoid always wearing flip-flops.

Get creative with your footwear. There are so many awesome summer shoes!

Natasha’s Favorite Summer Shoes


I always share my favorite dresses, so I just wanted to let you in on some of my favorite shoes!!

What’s your favorite summer clothing item?

Let me know in the comments.

Love Always, natasha


4 thoughts on “6 Unforgivable Summer Fashion Mistakes That Everyone Makes

  1. Im so guilty for flipflops.. that’s ALL that im wearing until snow gets on the floor- apart from my work sneakers because I truly can’t wear my flops then ?

    I just bought some new ones with tiny heels on them; but Ill wear them for all occasion- even walking the dogs ahah nothing’s more comfortable to me.

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