Summer has finally arrived, and I’m spending it CAMPING. I’m sharing my best camping hacks with you today.

I’m spending summer this year doing things I LOVE and spending less time worrying about what I look like doing it. (I wrote a whole post about it actually – 10 Things I’m Doing Different This Summer) 

I’m so tired of summer after summer passing me by and I wasn’t ever-present and actively enjoying the season. Doing the things I wanted to do. So this year, I’m changing the tune and loving it. So far, so good. We are seasonal campers this year at a gorgeous place called Netley Creek RV & Golf. Today I’m sharing 8 camping hacks I’ve discovered over the years that we’ve been camping.

  1. Glowsticks are your friend. Honestly. You never really notice how dark it is at nighttime until you’re camping I think. Put glowsticks to mark where the pegs are for your tent, or any cords you may have. Glowsticks are a great way to mark a path, or set boundaries for kids (ex – don’t go past the glowsticks).
  2. Food prep at home. Sometimes this isn’t possible, but often, it is. Make your sandwiches ahead of time. BELIEVE ME, you’ll thank yourself for it when you’re getting ready to hit the beach and lunch is all ready for you because you prepped at home.
  3. Pack light. This one has taken me years to really get, but I definitely get it now. I pack the exact number of outfits I’ll need, plus one extra shirt, a pair of jeans, sweats and a hoodie. (If I was going for 2 nights, I would just pack 1 pair of jeans or sweats, I wouldn’t pack both.) Your tent/trailer will stay a lot neater if you don’t overpack.
  4. Invest in good sleeping bags. While the daytime is scorching, nighttime cools down significantly. Invest in good sleeping bags. There is nothing worse than being freezing cold all night.
  5. Use rope and clothespins to hang dry. Tie it around two trees, and hang your towels and cloths. This way you can re-use and they won’t get all filthy lying around the campsite.
  6. Get a big bucket. We have a few from Home Depot and honestly, they are so useful for camping. We have used them to bring water, bathe a baby, wash the dishes, and so much more. A decent size bucket is a must-have when you go camping.
  7. Bring a broom. Whether you are in a tent or a trailer, everyone’s feet will get dirty and track it all over. Definitely bring a broom.
  8. Don’t get fancy cooking. That just requires more stuff, and more stuff is more mess. Simple is best when you’re camping. Easier to prepare, cook and clean.

If you are new to camping, it can definitely seem daunting.

It was for me for years. But it’s so much fun, and so wonderful being in nature. If you need some outfit inspo check here – 5 Summer Outfits You Need

Do you love camping? Got any tips you can share? Drop it below!

Love Always, Enn


3 thoughts on “8 Camping Hacks You NEED to Know About

  1. Some really great tips here! Never though of glow sticks! Haven’t been camping as a family yet, but we will likely try it this summer – in the backyard to start!! Thanks for sharing!

  2. I love this post!! It’s simple and straight to the point which is what I love. The sprogs have been asking to go camping for years, I’ll be honest, I have never been interested. But, we do have a tent ready lol. I’d like to take them but I don’t want to go to a place that has a club house and entertainment, I want proper in the woods camping!! I’ll definitely be using these tips though so thanks for sharing!!! xx

  3. These are great camping hacks. Many of these I would have never thought of! Thanks for the helpful advice. I will be using some of these ideas for my future camping trips! Love it!

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