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Life has thrown us all into a giant grey cloud of unknown.

Social distancing has become the new norm. In some way, shape, or form covid-19 has affected everyone. Many of us have been in lockdown with our partner, but many have been on their own and are now in search of a partner. Is dating even possible with social distance protocols?

Yes it is!

Using a site like Edinburgh dating site you can get back to dating, and I’m going to tell you some awesome date ideas with respect to social distance protocols.


While this may seem very much not date vibey, but give it a chance! You may found out how competitive your partner is, and learn an awful lot more than you may have bargained for.


Make sure you meet AT the place you agreed on, in order to respect social distancing. (Meeting there avoids the car/social distance dilemma) . This is another fun one for those who like to be challenged and competitive.


Decide on a recipe together and and bake through video chat. Have a contest to see whose turned out best.

Visit the library.

Ensuring you follow social distancing rules, walk through the library together. This is a great way to get to know someone. Knowing what books they’re interested in can tell you a lot about their interests and hobbies.


You each play on a lane, side by side and see who gets the highest score. This is a great way to laugh and have a good time together while still being a distance away from each other.

Date through email/video.

Use email/text for your conversations. You can use video chat and have a coffee date. Not physically being together might make it easier for another to open up.

Meet at a park and go for a bike ride.

Great exercise and so fun, biking is a great way to get moving and spend time together. You could even just use it as transportation TO the date. Alone or paired with something, biking is a must-try.

Try something new!

Find something you both have never done before. Need ideas?

  • bungee jumping
  • horse back riding
  • archery
  • pottery
  • ziplining
  • sky diving
  • visit a farm
  • yoga
  • water gun fight
  • watch sports
  • game night
  • rock climbing

Trying something new together is a great way to connect and form a memory together. Get creative and don’t be afraid to try something new.

Dating during this time can be really tricky.

Using a site like can help to ensure you find a great companion. Make sure to use safe thinking and follow your area’s rules surrounding covid-19. Always social distance and try not to let this get you down. Dating can still happen and you can still have a great time throughout all of this.

Has social distancing protocols affected your life?

Have they affected your love life at all? Have you gone on a date during this time?

Love Always, Enn


3 thoughts on “8 Date Ideas While Respecting Social Distance Protocols

  1. Not that i’m currently dating anyone, but most of those I didn’t even thought of! I’ve always wanted to play paint ball (although scared of it hurting xd) and I LOVED archery when we did it in school!

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