Podcasts about Bipolar Disorder

8 Podcasts About Bipolar Disorder

HI! Thanks for taking time out of your day to stop in at my blog! Today I’m sharing 8 podcasts about bipolar disorder. But before I do that, let me just say a welcome back to those who have been here before! You’re awesome, and I appreciate that you are coming back. In case you missed some of my last posts, I’ll make it easy for ya and link them here!

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Podcasts About Bipolar Disorder

8 Podcasts About Bipolar Disorder

I am a HUGE fan of podcasts. I love listening to conversations and hearing different perspectives. Find below eight podcasts about bipolar disorder that will educate, share, teach, and more. You’ll hear real stories from people living with bipolar disorder and its science.

The Bipolar Battle

The bipolar battle is a terrific podcast. It shares tips, interviews, and resources regarding leading a full life while living with bipolar disorder.

Understanding Bipolar Disorder – The Psychology Sisters

This episode gives a great overall look into bipolar disorder. It talks about symptoms, treatments, and more.

This is Bipolar

This podcast gives a real, authentic look into what living with this mental illness is all about. There are many tips and interviews, along with candid conversations.

Don’t Know About Bipolar Disorder?

Don’t you worry! You’ve stumbled upon the right blog post! I live with bipolar 2 disorder and happen to write about it quite a lot. I love sharing my experience, good and bad, just so others can know, you know? Bipolar Disorder is characterized by extreme shifts in moods. But it’s not just a matter of HAPPY then SAD then HAPPY then SAD. It’s typically through a cycle. These feelings are often intense, felt in all parts of your body, and feel out of control. (I wrote a post about surprising facts about the mental illness, you can see it over here 15 Bipolar Disorder Facts That Will Change How You See The Illness)

Do you live with bipolar disorder? Or do you know someone who does? By reading, learning, and listening, you’re a part of the change in the world, and I want to personally thank you for that. Please share if you know someone who would benefit from this post! And if I can be of any help or support, reach out!

Love Always, Natasha


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