AD – I was gifted a painting from BrookeJadeStudio in anticipation of my wedding. BrookeJadeStudio is an Etsy shop that is filled with such beautiful talent. I highly recommend you checking out this beautiful artists shop!

Please enjoy this interview I had the pleasure of having with the artist herself.


Please introduce yourself! Tell me about you and your small biz!

My name is Brooke Jade, the artist and owner of Brooke Jade Illustrations. I’m 28 years old, married to the love of my life and living the dream of running my own business from home, illustrating the girly things I love and am passionate about and bringing a bit of joy to the lives of Brides, Graduates and Families.

Where does the name of your shop come from? What does it mean to you?

The name of my shop is my first and middle names – nothing too frilly about that answer but it’s the truth. I wanted the name to be personal to me and my art. 

How long have you had your small biz? 

I’ve been running an Etsy Art studio for 3 years now (wow that seems so crazy to me!).

How did you get started? Have you been doing it long?

 I opened it in 2017. At the time I was working as an Optometric Assistant part time as well as a Tele-specialist from home phoning farmers for Agriculture and did a few other jobs such as a concrete labourer and waitressing. There was really nothing wrong with those jobs but they weren’t my passion. They paid the bills fine but I didn’t have any drive to improve in the industries.

 Ever since I was little I loved drawing! I would draw and sketch princesses in their gowns, women were always wearing high heels. My sister has been an acrylic artist her whole life, selling at big events and she really inspired me to just try. She made me realize that the only regret I might have, is if I didn’t try at all. So in 2017 I sketched up a few fashion illustrations, bought my own professional printer and opened the shop! Since then, I’ve been able to quit all other jobs and focus on my Fashion Illustrating. It’s been the best and most rewarding decision! 

What are your social links so we can follow you?

I’ve attached the links to my social media and other accounts below.






What is the best part about being a small biz owner?

There are two things I love about being a small business owner. The first is being able to use your passion to support yourself or your family and the second is setting your own hours of the day! No clocking in at nine and no rush hour traffic. 

What is the last movie you watched?

The last movie I watched was Mighty Joe Young. I have never seen it before but I had certain scenes memorized because when I was young I owned The Parent Trap (which I watched over and over again) and it always started with the trailer clips for Mighty Joe Young.

What are you reading?

Here’s something weird about myself. I hate reading but I love the idea of being curled up in a window nook with a cup of tea and a good book. But I hate reading so I can’t bring myself to finish a book ever. My friends have told me “you just need a book you’d be interested in”. But I’ve tried and I just have come to terms with the fact that I will never be a book worm. And I’m ok with that.

Thank you for being a part of this!!!

Go check out Brooke Jade’s art! It is absolutely unbelievable. Whatever the occasion, this art would make a wonderful gift!!

Love Always, N

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25 thoughts on “A Beautiful And Personal Gift

  1. I love this. Personal gifts like this are always my favourite. I’ve always loved reading books but video games have gotten in the way lately!

  2. Being a business owner is so fulfilling. I wish her nothing but the best in her journey, I can just tell she’s going to have the world of success. I loved her art.

  3. I used to be similar to Brooke where the thought of reading a book was the worst! But now I love reading. Thankyou for sharing her beautiful artwork x

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