They tell you that there isn’t a book to motherhood, but what if there was?

Imagine Mama, you just had your baby, and your packing up to go home. To enter back into real life with this newborn. What if the hospital gave you a book. A book filled with inspiration and love. A book to read on the good days and the bad. The moments where you feel like you’re breaking. Like you can’t do anything. The baby won’t stop crying.

This book would tell you, it’s okay. It’s okay that the baby cries. It would tell you to make a cup of tea before you sit down to feed. It would remind you, page after page, that caring for YOU is important. That YOU need to be okay in order to be the best mama for your baby. It would reassure you, that in those moments where it feels like it’s all crumbling on top of you, you’re strong. You were made for this. You can absolutely make it through.

If I had this book, I know I would have carried it through out the house with me.

To turn to in a moment. Whether it inspired, grieved, or supported me, it’s a book to remind a mama that they aren’t alone. Becoming a mama is absolutely incredible. In all ways. You change in every way possible, and just when you think you can’t change anymore, you bend, breath, and keep changing. Your baby is constantly changing and growing. And whether or not we think we can or can’t. We do. And we keep doing.

This book could be a mamas best friend, don’t you think?

A book to turn to in every moment. I’m not sure who could write a book so impactful besides mamas. This Mother’s Day is again, incredibly different than what we once knew. I’d like to acknowledge every single mama today. Thank you for being here with me in this space. Together, we’re writing the book.

Love Always, Enn


6 thoughts on “A Book For Motherhood

  1. Yes, we mamas are writing the book! Every time we get real about the grief and the despair, we’re writing the book. Flowers are great, but being seen is even better. Thank you!

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