Hi! Welcome to the Thoughts with N blog! Thank you for stopping in here! My blog is all about affordable, happy lifestyle, mental health, and uncovering myths about the mental illness I personally live with – Bipolar Disorder. Today you’re in time for a Father’s Day Exclusive! I’m sharing a fantastic gift that he is going to love.

Wax & Wit – A Father’s Day Exclusive

Wax & Wit is an incredible candle company that makes fantastic candles for men. Candles are a typical gift for women, but perhaps overlooked a little bit for men? Wax&Wit is changing it. This terrific company has designed and created candles with men in mind. They are of the highest quality, handmade, and from a wonderful small business.

About the Candles

Wax & Wit candles are a healthy alternative to traditional paraffin wax ones. They are made from vegetable-based wax and burn slower and longer than the candles you’re used to. Because they’re made from soy, they also are easy to clean up and reuse the container that the candle was in. YAY for being green!

Wax & Wit has created a line of candles that are perfect for a Father’s Day exclusive gift! They are high-quality, slow-burning, and enticingly fragrant. They make a great gift for the father figure in your life. Not to mention, they have cute, humorous scent-names.

I Wonder if Bacon Thinks About Me Too

Coffee is Life

Not Today Satan, Not Today

Dogs Are My People

Some Like It Hot Gift Set

Chill Out Gift Set

Shop Wax & Wit candles for Father’s Day this year. Follow the brand on IG @waxandwitcandles.

Love Always, natasha


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