How does an Active Lifestyle relate to you, and maybe even your life?

First, I want to say, this is not a post that is saying if you exercise your life will improve DRAMATICALLY. I am not somebody who thinks that fitness is the key to happiness. So please, do not take anything from this section as that.

I am someone who uses active living as a tool in managing my mental health.

I find I feel so much better and calmer when I make sure to be active. HOWEVER, if I fall into a dark/bad place, then I have ZERO motivation to be active.

There are obviously MANY benefits to having an active lifestyle that you likely already know, but in case you need a reminder… read on.


-By having an active lifestyle you are also taking care of your PHYSICAL BEING which is also super important! -It is a physical form of SELF-CARE. -Depending on your fitness choice, you may find it to be very relaxing. -An active lifestyle reduces your risk of many diseases. —SO many health benefits! -You usually feel better mentally. If you can find the energy and motivation to do something active, your mind will be at a more calm, and relaxed state. (woo-hoo!!) -If you adapt an active lifestyle into your life, in time, you may find that your mental health is better. (BONUS!)

Now, again, please don`t take this as I am saying this is how to cure mental illness. That could not be further from the truth.

It is simply a tool that I use to manage and maintain my mental health, so I am sharing my journey with you.

Well, there you have it! Just SOME of the AMAZING benefits that an active lifestyle gives you!

Stay tuned!

Love Always, N


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