Recently I started working out again, and though it takes all of my energy, I have found it to be quite uplifting.

I am going on 7 days in a row, and am loving how powerful I feel when I am doing it. Our bodies are so incredible, and can do amazing things!

One of my favourite parts about leading an active lifestyle, besides that it`s good for me, are the CLOTHES!

I love active-wear clothing! Good quality pieces are so worth investing in.

First, you feel like a million dollars, but second, they support you, which leads to a much more comfortable workout.

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There are a few things I look for when I am investing in new pieces.

When I am looking at something with a print on it, I try to ask myself if I will still enjoy wearing it a year from now. It`s okay if it is a no, I just try to be mindful and aware of my purchases.

There are some more seasonal prints that I might not get as much use out of. Which is completely okay, as long as I am aware of that.

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Another thing I look at is how versatile is the piece.

I like investing in active-wear that can quickly be turned into a night out, or a casual day outfit.

This makes it easier (being a mom, I don`t have a lot of time) to plan beautiful and amazing outfits. When it is as simple as a gorgeous yoga crop under a denim jacket and a pair of leggings, and ta-da. Comfort AND style combined.

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I tend to be very aware of the material and stitching used as well.

I don`t like bulky or heavy materials, but lightness can`t compromise support.

I look at the width of the straps and tend to gravitate more towards ones that are at least 2 fingers wide. This offers support for your shoulders, chest, and back.

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I pay close attention to how breathable the fabric is. It`s important to have our skin breath and have air flow.

All these tips, I also use for looking at swim-wear as well. I like versatile pieces that I can quickly add on a maxi skirt and maybe a straw hat and look put together.

I stumbled upon this brand, Visual Mood and am in love with every piece! My wish list keeps growing and growing.

A few things on my wish list are, THIS top. It has the wide supportive straps that I am always after, and with it being in black I can wear it for plenty of things. THESE bottoms. First, the colour is divine, but second, I love the high waist!

I LOVE the reversible bathing suits!

I camp nearly every weekend during the summer, and wear my bathing suit so often. I am really thinking I will be adding one of these into my wardrobe for next year!

I highly recommend Visual Mood as your next stop for active and swim wear! They have incredible pieces!

Where do YOU shop for your active and swim wear?

Love Always, N

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*This post was made possible by Visual Mood


4 thoughts on “Visual Mood

  1. I have one set of Lulu’s and unfortunately they are completely worth the exorbitant cost. I now feel like I’m compromising every time I wear my usual discount brand workout gear. Someday I’ll treat myself to more high quality clothes! Thanks for the post

  2. LOVE the idea of a reversible swimsuit! Why isn’t that idea more popular!

    I agree that the clothing is half the fun when working out, I have QUITE the collection of gym leggings!


    1. Yes I love the reversible swimsuit too! It’s definitely on my list before next camping season! Thanks so much for reading and commenting love!

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