I entered 2021 with a goal to have a better mindset and intentional, clear, goals laid out in front of me.

I came into 2021 with a very clear idea of how I wanted my life to feel. I knew I wanted to create a life of peace, calmness and simplicity. These three thing I had always been craving. I knew there were big changes I had to implement, and my goals were all surrounding personal development. One big change was to introduce the idea of positive affirmations. I had noticed several people I was following talking about the use of affirmations and I found myself thinking, it would be a good thing to try.

Affirmations refer to the practice of positive thinking and self-empowerment.

They are a purposeful statement that can have amazing effects on your mind and therefore your body. Affirmations should be repeated and written down for best results. They can be used to motivate and encourage positive change. This can be helpful in combating negative self-talk, and low self-esteem. They can help you to respond in a less defensive way when you’re presented with threats.

Positive affirmations can improve your thoughts and your sense of self.

Improving these things can definitely help your mental health at the same time. So basically, they are awesome and I’ve seen wonderful results from introducing this into my routine. I read affirmations while I drink my coffee in the morning. I find it quiets the chaos in my mind, and also helps me feel ready to begin my day. It is helpful to change the negative vibes that I usually begin my day with. Taking a few minutes to fill my mind with positivity makes such a big difference in my confidence and thoughts. Taking these moments, creates a feeling of powerfulness and capability which is awesome at the start of the day!

When you create a positive affirmation, use present tense wording, and say it as if it’s already happening.

It may feel strange when you first begin, but you will get used to it. It will build your confidence and before you know it, you’re going to be saying them enthusiastically! Affirmations have been known to improve your concentration, build self confidence, deal with fear and negativity, and motivate you to take healthy and positive steps towards creating a reality.

Examples of simple affirmations:

I am capable.

I am strong.

I am hard-working.

I am doing my best.

I deserve great things in life.

I can create my dream life.

Get it? And so I say these things to myself out loud and it feels AMAZING. The first few days I definitely felt silly. I was sitting there in my quiet house, drinking my coffee and saying “I am amazing!” So imagine how silly that looked. None the less, I continued on with this practice and found I started to have passion in my voice. These words began to take life and my heart was full. I started to slowly, believe what I was saying. And my confidence ROSE.

These affirmations help my day begin positively. They make me feel powerful and like I CAN do anything. They help me start my day with a WIN. So for the last two weeks, I’ve been beginning my day with a mindset of, “I’ve already had a win. I can do this today!”. I’ve been beginning my day with passion and life. Almost as if there is a slight bounce in my step.

Beginning my day with this mindset has drastically improved everything.

I’m going into my day feeling like I am in control, and I can have the best day ever. I feel like I’m more present, and peaceful. Two things that I’ve been working on for a long time. I’m not at all suggesting that saying affirmations is going to drastically change your life. But, I said them, over and over, day after day, and I began to believe them. Like “yeah, I am amazing. I can do hard things. I am awesome.” So when my kids are coming up yelling “Mom I’m hungry, mom he came in my room, ” I’m no longer answering from a place of frustration, but rather a place of “I’ve already won today.”

Start your day with that mindset and see if your life changes.

“I’ve already won today.” Tell yourself how awesome you are so often that it becomes normal. The MOST important relationship you are ever going to have is with yourself. Cherish it. Work on it. Invest in it. Take time every single day to appreciate YOU. Look in the mirror and say affirmations like “I am strong and can handle anything that is going to be thrown at me today.” “I am manifesting the life of my dreams.” “I am deserving of great things in life today.” And, I say, say it in front of a mirror, so you create that connection with yourself. You create this environment, this space, where you constantly work to quiet the negative self-talk and creating positive and beautiful boundaries. You’re saying to yourself, “I am worth the work and I am going to show up every day to do the work.”

So I’ve found, when I begin my day from a place where I’m already winning, I’m so awesome, I can do the hard things, my days aren’t feeling so hard. I feel capable and confident in my abilities. Adding this one small thing to my day has helped me to practice gratitude and grow my sense of self.

Some of my favorite affirmations:

I am confident in who I am, and in my abilities.

I attract only good things into my life.

I am enough.

I am worthy.

I can manifest whatever I choose.

I am beautiful.

I radiate happiness.

I am brave.

I am in control of my mind and thoughts.

I am proud of myself.

Create, or find, affirmations that speak to you.

Make a list of them and put that list on your fridge, your mirrors, everywhere, so you constantly see all this positivity. Read them, say them, write them, and see if it adds some joy. See if it changes you.

How I was feeling before:

-like my head was very “full”

-like I wasn’t worthy of good things happening

-like I was at my peak in my life

How I’m feeling now:

-like I CAN conquer my day

-like I am strong and can work my way through any obstacle

-like I am worthy and deserving of good things in life

If you can relate to any of this, maybe adding affirmations into your daily routine might be worthwhile to you. Pinterest can be a great resource for finding affirmations, or you can create them yourself. Remember to use/choose affirmations that speak to your soul, and your spirit. What helps me, may very well not help you.

I would love to know your thoughts around affirmations and the use of them to improve ones mental health and their day! Drop me your thoughts below!

Love Always, Enn

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4 thoughts on ““I’ve Already Won Today.” Using Positivity To Create Change

  1. Amazing! Many people don’t know the power that affirmations hold, but the impact it can have on your life can be mind blowing. Love the affirmations you mention as well.

    Thanks so much for sharing this

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