I’m sure I’m not the only one who has more Amazon boxes in their house than normal? .. During this past year, I have definitely shopped far more than necessary. Something that I’m actively changing. But, what good would all that shopping be if I didn’t share with you some duds and awesome gems?

My Best Amazon Finds

This is the rolling tray I use on a daily basis. I love it. It’s a great size and it’s pretty. The moon is rose gold and matches my grinder and other cannabis accessories.

I LOVE this poncho. I have it in white and it’s on my list to purchase in black also. It was perfect for the summer when it was slightly breezy and great in the fall with a pair of jeans and boots. I really like purchasing clothing that is versatile and that’s what I love about this poncho. It is an off-white/ivory color. It’s very soft and cozy.

I bought these rubber boots for my daughter in the spring and they are so cute. They look trendy and chic no matter what my daughter wears. They also still look brand new even though she wore them for months! Highly recommend.

These runners are awesome. They are super breathable and very comfortable. I’m talking about walking on pillows comfortably. I have tested them out running also. There are a few different colors to choose from so you choose your favorite and tag me in your pic! These are so comfortable!

I needed an affordable casual sandal that I could slip on and I ended up trying these ones and I love them. They are very comfortable and made well. I will be wearing them next year for sure.

I swear by both of these products. They are a staple for me.

I love using resistance bands. I replaced some last January. I like these ones. They are very strong. Resistance bands are a great way to make simple exercises a bit more intense. They come in different strengths as well so it’s a great tool for beginners.

This water bottle is huge and says cute things!

I bought these for my kids’ rooms. You get A LOT of stickers and they glow really well. I would definitely recommend this pack. We put them all over our boys’ bunkbeds and the ceiling. It’s a nice distraction for them if they’re having trouble sleeping.

I bought this for my littlests’ 4 th birthday. He is an adventurous little guy and I thought this would be perfect. It is a bit cheaper quality than I had thought. But, the compass is really cool!

I love this bathing suit. I wore it all summer. Definitely my first choice. It is very flattering.

I bought these in an effort to spruce up my dining room chairs. I got them in blue. They are SUPER soft and fit my chairs perfectly.

This is my favourite mop I have ever had! I was worried that maybe the pedal piece would break easily, but that’s not the case. The mop is in a triangle shape to get right along your baseboards and into corners.

This bag is very very lightweight. I got it in green but now I kind of want it in black. It has useful pockets that are decent sizes. It has two water bottle carriers and nice comfortable arm straps. It’s a great day-hiking bag.

I LOVE this. It is super light and a satiny like material.

This setting spray is awesome. It keeps my make up on even on the hottest days and it feels like my face is going to melt off.

This planner is really pretty. It has just about 3 lines of space though for each day of the week. I found that wasn’t enough. But besides that, it’s a beautiful agenda.

This year I’m aiming to shop a lot less. I want to make more intentional purchases.




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  1. I recently got the best wee resistance bands from amazon. They cost next to nothing, yet they’re the by far the best I’ve ever had!

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