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Amethyst is one of the most famous crystals.

It is believed to have powers to stimulate and soothe the mind and emotions. Amethyst is the birth stone for February. It is my most favorite stone, and it’s also MY birth stone! YAY! It is also one of the world’s most plentiful minerals. Amethyst is part of the quartz family. Typically it is transparent, but can contain inclusions that make it cloudy.

The most amount of amethyst come from South America. The color varies from stone to stone, depending on where the stone comes from. Amethyst varies in purple tones. (Purple is my favorite color!!) It helps keep away negative energy, along with being helpful with anxiety, and various anxiety disorders. It is believed to inspire courage, calmness and contemplation.

In celebration of entering a new month, and this amazing crystal, I am sharing some of my favorite amethyst pieces from some small businesses.

Ocean Souls Jewellery Live with Intention. Align your intention with your style here with unique pieces that speak to your soul.

She Soul Design is a heart-felt home-based business in Calgary, AB, stocked with gemstone and crystal creations made by hand from owner Erica Swenson. Erica started creating her treasures as a mentally healthy response to a health crisis, which had her staying at home for a long period of time. She opened her Etsy shop in 2019 to offer mala necklaces, mala bracelets, raw crystal pendulums/pendants, and more recently started combining gemstones with leather lace for a more organic approach to bracelets and earrings. She is currently working on a standalone website which will be made public in February.  Use code : NATASHA20 to save!

PloumMontreal was created in 2010 as a hobby. Then, the owner started selling her creations in 3 stores in and around Montreal. She stopped when she became pregnant with her daughter but she now has the desire to get back into the swing of things and an Etsy store seems like the perfect way to do that! Cassie loves creating new models and designs!
She uses materials that have a natural feel like leather, suede, natural beads and semi-precious stones. The findings used are made of brass and gold or sterling silver depending on the model.

“Amethyst is a natural tranquillizer, it relieves stress and strain, soothes irritability, balances mood swings, dispels anger, rage, fear and anxiety. Alleviates sadness and grievance, and dissolves negativity. Amethyst activates spiritual awareness, opens intuition and enhances psychic abilities. “

Bella Behari provides handmade jewelry that is designed for the free spirit, the minimalist, and for the girl that looks for that little bit of extra sparkle. Each piece is designed with the customer in mind and with the goal of creating a one stop shop for dainty and elegant jewelry, that is also affordable. Bella Bahari believes that everyone deserves to feel and look their best and wants to use jewelry to help individuals see just how beautiful and worthy they are. Bella Bahari uses environmentally friendly packaging and is always looking for new ways to become more environmentally conscious. They also strive to source materials domestically/continentally to try to reduce their carbon footprint through the transportation of goods, as well as reduce the possibility of unknowingly contributing to slavery within the supply chain. 

ViragoBeads is run and created by a single mother of 2 beautiful daughters. Renee and her daughters began with beading and they realized how much they love jewellery. Over this last year their shop has done very well. They now have added members to their shop who make their jewellery and they design it. Her daughter is 10 so it’s something they can do together. They chose the name ViragoBeads as it Virago means female warrior. They are proud to be a household of 3 strong females. 

The Gemdance is a shop devoted to original, timeless jewellery.  The best resourced quality pearls, gemstones and other eclectic materials integrate with design excellence to produce artworks for your body … and soul. 

Nifty Sparkles A friends venture, a nifty piece of sparkling fashion! People often daydream about creating the perfect business idea with their best friends or close relatives, and making a living out of a project that fulfills all their goals and represent their values. Like most women, they have a huge interest in all things fashion, including accessories and shoes, and they wanted something that reflected their taste and of course, their identities. And since they had trouble finding the jewelry they wanted or their favorite colors while they were shopping, they decided to create their own line, this same one that they are presenting to you today.

Nifty Sparkles is the result of years of dreaming, planning, and their daily inspiration. They want you to have fashionable, chic and stylish pieces that can go with you to any moment of your life, filling it with color. All the pieces are created by them, in their home.

From a little gemstone that will go perfectly with your favorite t-shirt or casual clothes, to a layered necklace that will make heads turn… they have something for you. Their jewelry is full of colors and meaning, and it is a true pleasure to bring to you to make it part of your life.

Inglin Crafts was created by Rebecca, who started making beaded jewelry in 2006 when she discovered all the cool gemstone beads available in a bead shop. With her geology background, she was drawn to the natural gemstone beads, but soon discovered that she likes a lot of different types of beads. She enjoys making what their customers call “different” jewelry and accessories. Although she specializes in watches, she makes earrings, bracelets, necklaces, anklets, ID lanyards, eyeglass lanyards, and more. She also makes braided leather bracelets with magnetic clasps and woven gemstone bracelets.

Maria Grace Crystals is owned and created by Maria Grace. She always had a love of crystals. As a young girl she would collect rocks, seashells, tiny gems and be in awe of their beauty. Now she gets inspired by seeing the creations being designed and put together for her clients and also for herself and loved ones. She loves the look, feel and the metaphysical benefits of the wonderful crystals which are gifts from the earth.

Amethyst is a wonderful stone to use to help with stresses and strains you may have. Remember to cleanse, and take care of your stones as recommended.

Do you use crystals? Do you have a favorite one?

Love Always, Enn

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