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It is February at last! In Manitoba that typically means that it`s going to begin to show signs of spring soon, and slowly, our days will get longer and longer. Slowly. Though often, winter hangs around longer than necessary and gives one last encore appearance. Almost as if winter doesn`t want us to forget how fierce and strong it is. It leaves one last memory of cold, bitter, but beautiful ice crystals usually every year.

February is my birthday month, and it is my favourite stone! Amethyst is so beautiful!

Amethyst is a stone that can increase spiritual awareness, inner peace and healing, meditation, and balance. (More about this beautiful stone can be found over here.) And, even if you don`t believe in healing powers of crystals, you must admit that amethyst is so beautiful! Amethyst is purple/violet.

I wanted to share with you some of my favourite amethyst pieces! (I wrote about garnet last month as well! You can catch up with it over here.)

Amethyst Chakra bracelet from ShaktiVibeMalas is a beautiful piece.

Amethyst is representing the 7th Chakra which is our crown.The gift of the Crown chakra is experiencing unity and the selflessness and realising that everything is connected at a fundamental level. This is not an intellectual chakra but allows a knowing where there is serenity, joy, and deep peace about life. (You can find more beautiful pieces over here too.)

So Shakti Vibe Malas was created about a year ago when Janice fell in love with creating mala necklaces.  Shakti is a yoga term and represents feminine energy.  This is her dream job, surrounded by healing crystals and designed new malas and bracelets.  She loves it!! Also, she has been so lucky to converse with so many amazing people throughout Canada and the USA.  She always tells people that she has the best Customers!!  Everyone has been super nice and she is so grateful for them supporting her small business!  

Another favourite piece of mine comes from CrystlEssentials!

Crystal is a full time working mom with 2 wild boys. A year ago she was at a breaking point, life was crazy and so she felt crazy. Her anxiety was at an all time high and she decided to find some healing as natural as possible.

Crystal turned to the practice of yoga and found a local crystal shop where she learned a lot about the different stones and their healing properties. A year later and she is now heading into a 200 hour Yoga Teacher Training course and decided to create jewelry with the gemstones that have helped her grow on her journey so she can help others too! Check out her Facebook page!!

Let the energy of crystals surround you and protect you wherever you go❣️

Crafts With Avery is a hand made jewelry and crystal decorations shop. Always accepting custom orders!!

Another favourite piece of mine comes from Ringschock.

I love this beautiful multi-stone amethyst ring. Jackie started jewelry making after she immigrated from Germany to Canada 9 years ago. She has been dreaming, creating and loving working with metals and gemstones ever since. It gives her shivers every day knowing how well loved her products are. Amethyst is a very special stone to Jackie as well. Whenever she seems to need clearance and needs a better view on things, as she tends to overthink, amethyst is what she loves to wear and surround herself with to gain clarity and calmness.

I`m in love with these bold amethyst rings from AlainRaphaelJewelry.

The simplistic design, seems to make the amethyst appear even more bold and brilliant.

You know how much I love candles, so of course I`ve included one here too!

EssentialsByJaz creates handmade self-care products for a balanced mind, body, and soul. Their hand-poured candles are created to attract more positive energy into your life.  Each candle is uniquely created by adding a variety of healing crystals, floral botanicals, for an aesthetically pleasing look. Their scents will also include natural essential oils for an irresistible scent for an atmosphere of relaxation. 

I love these bracelets from PirateKatsBooty!

Pirate Kat’s Booty was established in 2013 with the enthusiastic encouragement of family and friends. They firmly believe everyone deserves the opportunity to be beautiful, fun, funky, sparkly, geeky, strong, or what ever makes them feel awesome, within a budget that won’t hurt. They believe their customers are amazing and they love helping them express who they truly are.

This pendant from CougarPeakJewelry is absolutely stunning.

Michelle`s jewelry is inspired by her love of mother nature. She feels very lucky to live very close to Banff and Waterton National Parks in Alberta, Canada and to Glacier National Park in Montana which showcase some of the most beautiful areas in the world. She has taken advantage of this and spend most of her recreational time within these areas and she is always in awe of the these natural wonders.

Amethyst is a very well-known mineral and gemstone all over the world.

It has many healing properties and such a gorgeous colour it`s hard not to love it.

Here`s to a beautiful February!! Sending love to each and every one of you.

Do you love amethyst?

Love Always, N


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  1. Happy birthday month! I love all the beautiful amethyst themed items featured in this post (especially the rings, those are absolutely beautiful!). Thanks for calling attention to and featuring these artists and their beautiful work! Hope you have a lovely birthday.

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