I recently had the pleasure of interviewing an incredible person.

I was drawn to her right away, and was immediately intrigued by her passion, her path in life, and her calling. After only a bit of conversation, I knew I wanted to have her on my blog! So, here she is! Enjoy getting to know her!

What is a psychic medium and faery witch?

Well one can be both or be one. It depends really. Though in my own personal experience and opinion, I find it very hard to separate the witch from the psychic medium. As divination, or being able to communicate with spirit is a gift, and of course was given the label witch, pre-christian times we were known as wise woman and largely were a pagan community.

Which in fact all of us were before Christianity was born. So looking back to 200 Bc WE WERE ALL PAGAN AND THOSE WHO HAD GIFTS WHERE KNOWN AS WISE WOMAN! Though as religion was born we where demonised and called witch, which I don`t like as it`s actually meant in a demonic term. So I prefer a wicca which means wise woman, or I just say I` me!

There is no label.

It`s a bit like some people have gifts on art or being a vet or being a doctor. It`s all gifts and abilities I believe and part of our calling and destiny.

The only difference is I did not learn mine from society it was given, you could say, by the universe. Though not free I add. Gifts are never free! THE UNIVERSE ALWAYS DEMANDS BALANCE! So gifts are often earned in life such as in soul lessons, trials and retribution, and past life experiences. These gifts have to be triggered which we call a spiritual awakening and are not easy to use its actually painful to channel and often leads to ill health and psychic burn out. Though its our calling and our destiny, and that`s what we call the shadow side. There is shadow and light in everything so we accept that as that`s life.

A psychic medium in a nut shell is, someone who can channel spirit for messages and help and guide. Not in just human spirits but in other dimensions and other creatures I.E Animals .

A faery witch is just that it`s ability to connect with spirits of nature , they`re not of our plane there actually dimension 3 and we`re 2. Considering demonic as in black are dimension I think it says it all about where we are on the plane doesn’t it ? It`s not something that just happens either. It`s a lot harder and normally comes after the traditional path of witchcraft. It`s a bit like you have to learn witchcraft before you learn faery witchcraft as there is a lot more to it and its more tricky. Although if its your calling it will seem so natural and beautiful you wont even notice. A kinship has to happen first then a initiation ,though that was my path, I`m not saying everyone becomes initiated. I wanted to and that was a personal experience and choice . But yes defiantly the kinship that has to happen before entering that phase in witchcraft or its just not gonna happen simple as. Faery witchraft is  the kinship with nature spirits and the love and honour and to protect them in the world and be there as there witch I would say.

Protect them and love them yes , as in family .. kinship. A real deep kind of love and protection type feeling.A true kinship, not something that should be taken lightly either. For its for eternity, once you commit you never go back and you must stay true to your kin !! Which is the nature spirits. I do a lot of free teachings on faery witchcraft on my channel on YouTube .

From a psychic meduim point of view  i have a few groups .
My main fb page is link

How long have you been into witchcraft?

I`ve been into  witchcraft since I could read so who knows I always have loved it and felt a sense of peace with it, like a belonging it`s who I am. There is a identity thing I guess. I like it and always have. Its who I am. I`ve been doing witchcraft since I was aloud to read, or since I was aloud to go in to the garden.

Even feeling a connection with nature, I remember being very little and just sitting with what I felt was a comforting sense of being . That was the garden, that`s nature.

What does work as a faery witch and psychic medium look like?

My work as a faery witch and psychic medium is of divination , tarot , spell work and the occult board , which many call ouija . being my favourite and teaching and mentoring them who wish to know more or may if had a spirtual awakening themselves and in need of a mentor to help them with there own gifts. Those who wish to learn more as a hobby as in faery and wicca. My gift in psychic meduimship vary as I have my favourites and won`t work with something unless I enjoy it. That way I know it`s my calling and I`m on the right path.

That can change. Our paths can change as we move along our life journey. But we just go with it and trust in that, and of course I will use the master board and the tarot to help me with that also for guidance.

Can you connect with loved ones whom have passed away?

Yes , i do and can connect to passed loved ones . BUT ! That is painful and makes me very ill. A meduimship session I normally have to have the day off next day . It really hurts my body and I`ve collapsed almost doing it .The occult board I sometimes spend a week in bed after as the channelling really is painful so I don`t do it as I would have to charge to much and that does not feel like , well its not going to work , most people cant afford that. And I don`t enjoy it. It`s too painful. I only do that for myself and family , and friends of course only if there in a crisis.

I prefer to channel with my spirt guide who I call Rose. That`s her nick name as we could not make out her real name on the board .. Initials ZM but so long was not of our language.  So I called her Rose and the board agreed .

What do people seek your services for typically?

People come to me for various things all related really. Tarot for guidance where there heading in there life right know. What next steps to take to get on the right path. Guidance on what to do next. What`s ahead and how they can change it. For really getting the best out of their life as that`s what I want for them and so does spirit when I do the tarot for them. I`m all about helping people reach there goals and destiny be that Love , Money , Work , CAREER OR SPIRITUAL PATH .

What do you enjoy most about your path in life?

Oh the faery path without a doubt, I`ve written 2 books that are published and I`m on my 3 rd now.  I just adore it. I love nature and the nature spirits. I feel so where I`m meant to be when I`m at the forest or by the ocean. It`s such a pleasurable feeling and so me. I study it everyday. There`s so much to learn everyday about them and ohh its so rewarding and exciting.

A typical day .

I love a pagan life style so * A/ M sage myself to cleanse away negative energy .

* Pop some crystals in my bra to connect with the vibrations

 * do my own daily taeot card

 * Do others tarot readings 

* Travel to the forest and film live form the forest and talk about the nature spirits and poo it in my you tube channel to teach folk for free

*Write my book ready to be published this month

 * Do some art as I`m also a artist 

* Play and talk to spirit on the master board if I have a problem and am worried and need there advice 

*Have a bath with oils and crystals and fresh oils from my Goddess garden to relax me 

Lots to do and very bust pagan life style.

What are some common misconceptions surrounding psychic mediums and faery witches?

Misconceptions come from when the pagans where demonised back in BC. Then there is a part of society who like to be ignorant and not educate themselves on what it actually is. I don`t really care what people think. I don`t hurt people. I don`t curse and I don`t hurt animals. I love children , animals and nature and nature spirits. I`m against black magic and am not by no means worshipping any devil. I believe he is just a made up christian power idol to scare people. I`m in sync with nature and work with the energy and universe. Spirits are energy and we all connected by that same energy.

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Have you ever had a tarot card reading or talked with a psychic?

Love Always. N


2 thoughts on “An Interview With A Psychic Medium and Faery Witch

  1. I am fascinated with all things like this. I have been told that my great grandmother was a white witch and that we have It in our family. Many member of my family and psychic. My mother is the worse for it! I however am much better at channeling passed loved ones. I have only ever been in contact with 3 spirits. Including my spirit guide! I am in no way near a professional! I’ve never looked into anything in regards to the proper terminology.. I just know that I am a bit different and that allow me to do things others way not. I once visited a psychic and she told me that she knew I had it in me and told me I was an psychic empath!

    Thanks for sharing this! I’ve really enjoyed reading.

    Ashleigh –

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