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Aquamarine is an incredible, tropical-water colored stone

It is part of the Beryl family and related to the green emerald. (The Beryl family includes emerald, morganite, and golden beryl.) It is definitely one of the worlds most well-known gemstones. Soft, and pale blue, Aquamarine has been used in jewelery since at least 500 BC. It was even once believed to be the treasure of mermaids. March’s birthstone, Aquamarine, is also the gemstone for 19th wedding anniversaries. Because of it’s color and clarity, it is associated with the sea. Along with this, it’s associated with relaxation, soothing and protectiveness. Aquamarine is associated with courage, faithfulness and friendship. It’s also used to calm the mind and reduce anxieties. Aquamarine can be found in Brazil, Africa, Asia and Colorado.

One of my favorite things about this incredible gemstone is definitely the color. I love how peaceful and tranquil the color feels.

AngieKJewelry is owned and was created by Angie. She lives in Langley, BC. She is a self-taught jewelry designer with a passion for arts and crafts stemming all the way back to childhood. Mixing and combining colors and textures made her see the beauty in all the things around her. Today, her love for color follows her to create beautiful and unique handmade jewelry for everyday wear, as well as for those precious moments in our life. Angie takes tremendous pride in designing and handcrafting each piece of jewelry, using high quality materials with great attention to details. No two jewelry pieces are the same! Everything is unique!

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Aquamarine is definitely one of my favorite gemstones. I love the color and the tranquility of it. I feel a lot of peace when I wear it.

Do you love Aquamarine? What is your favorite gemstone?

Love Always, Enn

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6 thoughts on “The Beauty Of Aquamarine – Welcome March

  1. I love aquamarine. It is my mom’s birthstone so she has a lot of aquamarine pieces. My personal favorite is the diamond (cliche, I know). I just like that is goes with everything and can be paired with other gemstones as well.

    1. I love diamond too actually!! It’s so easy to go with other pieces. Thanks for reading and commenting!! Have the best day!

  2. I know barely anything about gemstones, and now I know that my birthstone is aquamarine. I was born on the 27th March. This jewellery is beautiful.

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