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Authentically Me

I`ve been thinking a lot lately, well, as I often do, and something has been in my mind now for a little while.

In a world that seems to have expectations about how a person should look, dress, talk, eat, and really, everything, how are we supposed to be ourselves? How do we even know who ourselves are?

I was/am determined to really, authentically be me this year, and to forgo any notion of not being good enough, or not doing something the right way, but we are just what society/environment has sculpted us to be aren`t we?

We all come from a different environment and have a different story, and therefore, we are all different. But the sum of everything that leads up to now is why we are who we are.

So, how do you be you in a world that is constantly trying to make you be someone else? And, how do you even accept yourself if you are different than what society has said you should be?

Spend some time alone with yourself.

Try new things, and find out who YOU are. If you don`t push yourself, and your boundaries, even just a little, you might not ever know. Spending even just a few minutes alone with yourself, and trying new things, just in small doses can really strengthen your relationship with yourself, and help you understand who you are.

Let go of what you may have been raised and told to believe you should be and allow yourself to be what you are.

Maybe you were told that woman can`t go to work, they can only be mothers, and you really want to work and have a career, go for it. I know that it`s so much easier said than done, but we only get one chance to do this life. Live it how you want to live.

Find a hobby that you are passionate about.

Take some time to explore different hobbies, and even ones that you would think you wouldn`t enjoy, until you find one that leaves you feeling like a spark went off inside you.

Take a hard look at your relationships.

Make sure your environment, and the people and things in your environment are supporting the person you are trying to be/find.

In a world that is always changing it`s expectations, it can be so difficult to be what it wants. So, why try? Embrace who you are, and everything that is inside of you, and believe that you are amazing.

Practise saying it. Look in a mirror and say `I am amazing` over and over every single day. Practise believing it, until one day, you really do.

The world can be a cold, harsh place. Practise believing that you can warm it.

How do you stay authentically you? Is this something you`ve ever struggled with?

Love Always, N

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