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Autumn is in the air, or should I say Autumn has arrived?! Though the first official day has not, nature itself is showing us the beautiful colours already.

Autumn is my favourite season. I love the colours, the fashion, the food, and definitely the decor!

I`m going to show you some of my favourite Autumn decor that is beautiful and inexpensive.

My favourite store to get my seasonal decor from is actually Dollar Tree!

They always have a lot to choose from and when it`s all only $1 how can you go wrong?!

For Autumn decor, I love pumpkins and everything oranges and golds. Here are some of my favourite things! First up is this hanging sign I found. I love the colours and it has a pumpkin!

It would look beautiful anywhere, but I think I would hang it near my front door.

I love coffee mugs. The more the better for me! So these are a MUST!

These are so versatile! First, they are so cute, but second, you can use them for decor in so many different ways! BONUS!

Use them in a vase, or a centrepiece. You can use them in your table spread, or your arrangement of pumpkins. You can also just have them out where ever because they are so cute!

If you have children they are fun to decorate also! Glue some googly-eyes and wool for hair, maybe add some glitter or what not, and presto you have cute little pumpkin buddies!

It doesn`t take much to spruce up your table for Autumn.

And everything can be found easily at Dollar Tree! I`m going to be heading there this weekend to find some more decor!

What is your favourite season/holiday to decorate for? What store do you go to to get your decorations?

Happy Autumn,




16 thoughts on “Easy and Inexpensive Autumn Decor

  1. I love picking up seasonal stuff at bargain stores like the local dollar stores! People write it off as ‘cheap stuff’ but there are some great finds there!

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