Ahh! Is anyone else struggling to believe that it’s already time to start back to school preparing?One of my self care goals for 2022 was to be more present and in the moment, but honestly time has flown. Where did the summer go? This post will be a nice, light, gentle post, a sharp contrast to my post last time, where I got real, raw, and authentic. (You can read it here – I’m Telling My Story) Today I’m sharing all my best back-to-school tips, tricks, and things you need to know before September whizzes on by. (Just reminding you that Thoughts with N is an affiliate for Etsy and Amazon. I try very hard to bring awareness and customers to amazing small shops! So by making a purchase through my small blog, you’re also supporting an incredible small business! Thank you for your continued, ongoing support.)

Natasha’s Ultimate Back To School Guide

Before diving into the ins and outs of back to school, I want to mention a few things. I always do a deep clean, declutter, and reorganize before September arrives. And, lucky for you, I’m not going to leave you hanging. I’ve written a ton of posts about this stuff!


A Few Posts To Read From The Experts

Let’s Begin With The Front Door

I don’t know about you, but my front door is an invitation for clutter, toy cars, 345 hoodies, and so much more. I feel like I’m always saying, “put your shoes away,” “this isn’t where your school bag belongs,” “please clean up your toys,” and more. I like to do a major declutter before it’s back to school. Tidy up the shoes, the hooks, cubbies, jackets, etc. I have a rug at my front door, so I do a good vacuum and carpet cleaning, too, so it smells nice and fresh. I typically wipe down the door and window and sweep outside my door at this time too. It’s a good time to disinfect the door handles, light switch, and railing as well. If you’re looking to spruce it up a bit, you could add a wonderful wreath, beautiful decorations, or some seasonal plants outside your front door.

If you don’t already have an organization system for jackets and shoes, then it might be a good time now to create one. I use a cubby-style shelf, and each of my kids has a cubby. In their cubby, they can put their shoes, helmet, hats, jackets, and other things they will need to leave the house.

The Stairs

All stairs are clutter collectors; I’m pretty sure of it. Dust off your stairs, even the corners. You’ll be surprised about how much larger the space feels after your stairs are clutter-free.

The Kitchen

Yes, there are things I do in my kitchen to make sure we’re ready for back to school. And this year, I have 3 going back to school, which is a first for me. I like to give my refrigerator a good clean, if I’m feeling ambitious even pull it out and dust in behind, and clean the crisper drawers and the shelves on the door. I organized the cupboards and get all the lunch containers organized. I make sure that I have enough lids to the containers too. It’s a perfect time at this point to give the cupboards a little wipe down, too seems as if you’re already there.


I like stocking up on lunch snacks before school begins. These are some of our favorites:


The Living Room

In my living room, I like to do a good dusting. For organization, I use cubby shelves and bins to hide clutter. We will be shopping for a new couch soon, so I’ll share that when we decide on one. I like my living room being cozy, calm, and soothing. After we move, I will be redecorating and working towards creating that ambiance throughout our entire living space. Here are a few sofas that I love!

Sectional Sofas Light Beige Color Velvet Sofas Floor 8" Thickness Filled      L SHAPED 8'' THICK VELVET Amber seat Floor seating image 1    Floor cushion couch modular boho sofa minimalist couch set image 1

And of course, I’m going to add some new decor!

Eucalyptus Wall Hanging Plant Wall Hanging Wall Decor Design D    Green White Texture Painting Green Minimalist Art Green Canvas image 1   Olive Green Macrame Coasters / Handmade Macrame Coasters / Single Coaster

 Okay, I’m getting off track again! Back to school vibes are coming right your way.
Here are some back-to-school staples:

Any who, I’m all about clean, minimal and clutter free while still feeling soft, soothing and gentle. Have recommendations for me? Leave them below in the comment section. How do you go about getting ready for back to school? I can’t wait to hear all the tips!

Love Always, Natasha


3 thoughts on “Thoughts with N – Ultimate Back To School Guide

  1. These are some good ideas! I tend to get overwhelmed at back-to-school time and don’t get much done, lol. In my dream universe, my house would be clean and organized before the first day! But, I’d be happy if I could just have the shoes organized by the door!

  2. Back-to-school time is so hectic for us! We have 3 kids in 2 different schools (last year it was 3 different schools) and the schedules are always so different! My back-to-school routine is basically “let’s just run with it and hope we can figure it all out.” It… Not the best practice I know, but my oldest graduates next year so this has apparently been working for us”. The only thing I do every year is to focus on my kids getting back into their normal sleep schedules. They tend to stay up late during the summer and if I don’t address it about 2 weeks before school starts, they are basically zombies for a week. I usually give my son melatonin in the evenings for about a week before school starts and that seems to help a lot.

    1. Yes we’ve been working on getting our kids back on a good sleeping schedule too!!! Thanks for reading and commenting. Sending light and love?

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