I sometimes feel as if I have SO many bad habits.

I keep making attempts to change them and they just don’t change. My WORST habit though, is when I sit down in the evening to watch TV with my husband, I always feel I need to eat something. Why? I do not have the foggiest idea. I have tried very hard to break this habit many times over, and I always fail. I have never successfully broken this habit. 

During the day, I don’t struggle as much with this bad habit.

I can watch TV and eat nothing, and I don’t even think of it, but once evening comes, then the desire to snack becomes unbearable. This bad habit breaks me down, and I simply can’t overcome it. 

The biggest problem with this terrible habit is that it is usually something terribly unhealthy, such as, chips, popcorn, things like that.

During the day, apples, and carrots are wonderful! I eat a ton of them! Come the end of the day when I finally get to relax, and unwind, apples and carrots just don’t do it for me.

I know it is a mindset, and I CAN change, I just find it so terribly hard. I can try and will be successful for maybe two evenings. But then I reward myself, with a treat. Then I feel guilty and awful. And it all begins again over and over.

It’s this idea and mindset that I have to earn my food. That I have to be deserving. 

And that treats come as only a reward to eating healthy food. Which is NOT true. 

This is my bad habit. My bad habit that sometimes can destroy my entire day while I carry around feelings of such guilt and sorrow. Feelings that I once again failed. My bad habit affects my mental health in so many ways, and while I learn to cope through it, I find that it gets often discouraging.

Do you have a bad habit? Do you find that it affects your mental health in any way?

Love Always, Enn

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9 thoughts on “The One Bad Habit I Can’t Seem To Quit

  1. Bad habits? My hubby says I'm like a smoker who quit because I'm always picking when I sit – either at my phone, nails, purse straps, etc. And when I'm not picking it's because I'm knitting or crocheting.

    I just say that I like to keep my hands/mind active…

  2. I was gonna say my bad habit is nail biting! Well.. cuticle biting! Sometimes feel like if I kept hitting and pulling, id be ripping the skin off my entire body ��

  3. Biting my nails has to be my worst habit �� I’ve tried countless times to stop coz I know it’s kinds gross and my nails always look terrible but I just can’t!

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