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Bath bombs are a compacted mixture of both dry and wet ingredients.

They come in various shapes, sizes, colors, scents and more. I love using bath bombs. I love how convenient they are, being just a small spherical shape. I also love the variety available. There are bath bombs to meet nearly all your skin care needs. From dry, oily, or itchy and red, there is most definitely a bath bomb for everyone.

Some things I like to keep in mind when I’m looking at bath bombs are the ingredients, the scent and the size. I like using products with ingredients I know of and can pronounce. I’m also not one to enjoy particularly strong scents. I really like soft, somewhat homey smells.

Today I’m sharing with you, 2 small businesses that create beautiful bath bombs!

KosmikCreations is a husband and wife duo who make metaphysical goods out of their home in Eastern Idaho. Their intention with starting this shop was to help other people on their spiritual journeys, and to incorporate their love for nature into all that they create. All of their products are made with 100% locally harvested and natural ingredients, and most are grown organically in their own back yard. They have created product lines that run parallel to our love for the outdoors, crystal therapy, Reiki, and a happy, healthy lifestyle. Their website is currently still in development, but stay tuned for updates on products, services, classes and workshops!

I love the scents available as well as being able to choose the size!

Ville Essentials Ute Ville born and raised in Berlin/Germany ended up living in Los Angeles after a long successful career as a model traveling through out the world. In Los Angeles working ever since as a Fashion Photographer, she is now on to her next Adventure diving into the  Ecommerce Business.

I highly urge you to go follow, shop, and share these amazing shops!

Do you love bath bombs? Where do you get yours from?

Love Always, Enn


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