With the holidays upon us, many people are preparing for out-of-town company.

So I have compiled a guide of how to get your bathroom guest-ready before the holidays arrive!

First things first, I LOVE a nice bathroom rug! It adds a certain touch of cosiness to the room. I know they get dirty, but good quality ones can definitely be washed and dried to stay fresh and clean.

I stumbled upon Beech House Studio and was immediately in AWE of the beautiful talent that goes into these bath mats! Karen, of Beech House Studio from Muskoka, Ontario works with natural fibre rope (cotton, manila hemp and jute) in Muskoka, to create nautical home, cottage and wedding décor.

Every knot on her Etsy store is tied by her.

A sailor herself, she enjoys working with classic sailors knots to come up with new ways to use them within the home or, by way of her wedding work. 

These cotton rope rugs in cotton are made from soft navy blue rope or a luxurious cream rope. 30″ by 19″. The navy blue is soft and the cotton is new to me and extremely soft.

In a bathroom they will give it that nautical feel and make all your friends jealous. Made by me for you, they are the classic Ocean Mat (also Lover’s Weave Knot).  Looking for something special? You found it! 

Before your guests arrive, ensure you have toothpaste stocked up!

You do not want to be hosting for guests with stinky breath! ChangeToothpaste is a beautiful little shop dedicated to exactly that!

A Bite-Sized Solution for a Global Problem: Edmonton-Based Duo Launches Zero-Waste Toothpaste Alternative Change Toothpaste offers all natural toothpaste tablets that are just like paste, without the waste
Edmonton-based startup Change Toothpaste officially launches its zero-waste, all natural alternative to traditional toothpaste.

Each year, more than 900 million toothpaste tubes around the world are added to landfills and oceans. Standard tubes cannot be recycled and are made up of 11 layers of plastics, polymers and resins, which take over 500 years to break down. 

Nobody likes wet towels laying around, so why not put a beautiful towel rack in before your guests arrive?

SchmidtferHomes is the place to check out for that! `We are a husband and wife team that enjoy being creative and using different ideas and tools to make beautiful home goods.

The name Schmidtfer comes from us combining our two last names together. It gives us our individuality while keeping us united together! Our company is focused on selling creative and unique items, while still being practical for everyday use. We strive to have excellent customer service that will help our company grow and keep our customers coming back.`

A gorgeous basket for your guests to put their laundry in is a must. VeroHomeGoods has exactly that!

Vero Home Goods is a home decor and home goods brand offer beautiful and high quality products. 

Earth Kind Creations is the shop to get your eco-friendly bathroom accessories!

Get your shower ready with an eco-friendly shower puff, and have your guests arrive to these beautiful accessories!

`My starting point was around the time I watched blue planet 2 (2017) I remember vividly feeling horrified at how much plastic had been floating around in the ocean for years and how it affected marine life and our ecosystem.  

Looking at my own lifestyle habits, I decided to make a change. I started off making reusable food bags, as myself and my young daughter went through so many disposable ones on a daily basis!

These were a success and I saw that others were also starting to become eco aware, so I decided to introduce more ideas and created Earth Kind Creations.

My packaging is all plastic free, compostable and recycled where possible.

I use green energy to create my products and everything is made by hand in the uk.`

Adding a beautiful plant is a great to add a homey touch.

CassysPlantTerranium is a shop that caters to exactly that!

`I started my business a few months back after having issues in my personal and my work life.  I read an article stating gardening is good way of decease anxiety and depression.

Therefore, I bought myself a few succulent plants and cacti’s which I tended To. Whilst in a garden centre with my mother, we had a idea of making home decorations with both artificial and live plants. Since that visit, my business started and is growing. With plans in 2020 to start expanding into creating displays for wedding and other events. But, as with anxiety it’s best to take things one day at a time.`

Having a beautiful space to store your soap and toothbrush can take your bathroom from drab to fab very quickly!

Balldeco has exactly that! Rustic, Modern Farmhouse, Cottage Style Custom Color and Flowers Bathroom Set in 55 Colors, Ships Worldwide:)

There are so many amazing, and beautiful things to add a beautiful and cosy touch to your bathroom just in time for the holidays!

Do you do anything to be ready for guests to arrive over the holidays?

Love Always, N

*Thank you to these incredible brands for sponsoring this post.


9 thoughts on “Guest-Ready Bathroom

  1. You had me at Rope Rug! I need two, like, yesterday!

    I’ve never heard of those toothpaste capsules? Tablets? It’s an interesting concept. I’ve been meaning to buy Bamboo toothbrushes for ages and become more eco. It’s defo on my to-do for 2020!

  2. Loved this – super on point! So easy to implement – even if we aren’t celebrating Thanksgiving here, at least getting ready for the holidays that are coming up!

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