She looked in the mirror, 

She hated what she saw, 

Where others had beautiful bodies, 

She didn’t feel hers was at all. 

She had so many marks,
And longed for that perfect skin, 

She had scars all over
And they all happened sober. 

She was not a party animal 

She`d never even been. 

To be perfectly honest,
She really had no friends. 

She stared in the mirror,
Hoping for change, 

But the girl that stared back, 

Always remained the same. 

She hated every part of her, 

Body and personality, 

She so badly wanted to be beautiful,

 But society constantly told her she was not. 

See, what she didn’t know,
Was her beauty was inside, 

She may not have liked her looks, 

She really was amazing if she just stopped and looked. 

Her heart was so pure and good, 

And her kindness was how everyone should 

And her helping hand, she`d always understand, 

Whatever your problem, she` d help you land. 

I really wish she could see,

 Her beauty that was so clear to me,

 She continued staring into her mirror 

Always wishing for something more.

Don`t ever forget how beautiful you are.
Love Always,


11 thoughts on “Wishing for More

  1. Yes! This poem can speak to so many people especially with societies expectations of beauty being so high and unrealistic. Overall I like the "be yourself" vibe and how everything falls into place from there

  2. Very beautiful and haunting. It resonates with how so many feel when they look into a mirror. Thank you for sharing your work!

  3. Someone who writes such an amazing poem must be indeed very beautiful.

    You know, I've never liked my body either, but I learned to accept myself over time. I just focus on improving other aspects of myself, and you can do so too. You've got many talents for sure!

    Peace, love & happiness,


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