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Bedroom Inspiration – Creating Your Dream Room

AD – This is a sponsored post made possible by the amazing Hulyahome.

It isn’t a secret that having a tidy bedroom is beneficial to your sleep. Being inspired in your bedroom can take your life to the next level.

But, what about to your mental health? Having a space that reflects you and you feel comfortable and reflected in can be very calming, reassuring, and soothing. After a long hard day, it’s wonderful to be able to have a space created solely for you and to meet your needs. But how?

How to create your dream bedroom:

Take some time to really identify what you like, and dislike in your bedroom. Think about what helps you, and what would help you. What feels calming and relaxing to you? Do you like candles, music? What about your lighting? Does it feel good to you?

Pick up your clothing. I am absolutely terrible for this. My clothes are everywhere. I need to put them where they belong. Consider purchasing hooks of some kind to have easier access to hanging them. Pack up out of season clothes to create more space. You can store the bins under your bed, on your closet shelf, or in your storage room.

I honestly think what you put on your bed really sets the state for the feel of your bedroom. Invest in bedding that you love, and that can help you have a comfortable and amazing sleep. My favorite is Origanami Sheets by hulyahome. The 100% organic cotton percale beds sheets will let you have a cool and comfortable sleep, while the cotton sateen bed sheets are so soft and inviting, you’ll never want to leave your bed! Add in an AMAZING bamboo memory foam pillow , also by hulyahome and you’ll be rewarded with the luxurious feel, along with proper sleep alignment.

Don’t go overboard with pillows on your bed. I personally love the look of a bed filled with nice big pillows, but really, where do they all end up? Yep, on the floor. Creating a look of clutter. Go light on the pillows and invest in what you actually want. Quality over quantity.

Keep your headboard and night table neat and tidy. Make use of any drawers to keep the tops looking tidy.

Add plants! Real or artificial. Either are great. Adding plants will add a nice cozy feel to your room.

Lastly, add in a textured throw blanket at the bottom of your bed. Textures also create a calming effect for many.

Having a neat and tidy bedroom can be so helpful for you to unwind in after your busy days.

You can certainly have improved sleep, and perhaps less body pain from proper sleep and sleep alignment. Your bedroom is a room that is certainly worth investing in.

What is your favorite part of your bedroom? Are there any things your wanting to change or add?

Love Always, Enn

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