Hi! Hello – welcome to the Best of Thoughts with N. This month marks my 3 year blogging anniversary so I’m celebrating by doing a round-up post of some of my favorite blog posts I’ve written throughout the years. Get yourself a coffee… smoke a joint, whatever floats your boat, and get ready for a little bit of everything.

The Best of Thoughts with N

Autumn Decor Gift Guide

Okay, on Thoughts with N you’ll find plenty of Autumn-inspired blog posts and that’s because I’m obsessed with the season. All things orange, brown, red, and the chunky sweaters, boots, sigh. I love it. But, back to this blog post – you’ll find amazing Autumn decor. Find pumpkins, wreaths, cute throw cushions, and more.

Bipolar Disorder & Creativity

Ever wonder how bipolar disorder affects creativity? Me too! So, I wrote about it. It’s quite fascinating the impact the disorder has on the brain.

Sertraline – 5 Things You Need To Know

Sertraline is a popular medication. I’ve been on it for years and explored all the things in this post.

My Second Birth Story

“After months of not conceiving, we took a break from trying and quickly fell pregnant the very next time. We were so happy, and I simply couldn’t believe it. I took 15 store pregnancy tests! We were so in love with our baby from the very beginning. I was so happy. My belly grew slowly and I loved dressing it. The pregnancy was calm and perfect.”

A First-Time Home-Buyer

“Reasons I love renting:

  • I don’t have the stress of fixing something if it breaks.
  • I don’t have yard work.
  • I have a brand new, beautiful home, which I definitely can’t afford if I buy.
  • I love my town, and the housing market is very small here.”

6 Things I Love About Camping

  1. “I never truly appreciated the sky until I saw it camping. Being away from the city took away the city lights. Camping gives me an opportunity to slow down and notice the sky.
  2. Camping taught me how very little I need to thrive. I think sometimes all the options at home can be overwhelming. When I’m camping, my only options are whatever I remembered to pack.”

Farmhouse Style Decor Tips

“Classic Farmhouse Style:

  • The classic farmhouse style has rustic wooden elements and often distressed walls.
  • This style will often have a large porch, perfect for gathering and spending quality family time together.
  • The classic farmhouse has large kitchens with a lot of wooden shelving, appearing, very rustic.”

Using Cannabis As A Female

“I felt like being a mom, and an entrepreneur, I was not being represented in the cannabis community.

Whether it was with paraphernalia, or even how cannabis was represented in movies, and shows. I can’t remember ever seeing a movie where a woman, is a businesswoman and uses cannabis. And here is where My Bud Vase is changing that, one bong at a time.”

Sleep Deprivation

“When a person struggles with staying asleep or falling asleep for an extended, or any, amount of time, they run the risk of sleep deprivation. It can be caused by many things such as stress, brain functions, health conditions, etc. But, it’s definitely something to work towards improving.”

The Ultimate Birthday Gift Guide

“It’s my birthday! 31 years old! I don’t know if you remember, but last year I shared a birthday gift guide , and I’m bringing you a new one this year!”

Something Blue Rings

“My Grandma passed away when I was 16 years old, and so passed away my love for big and bold jewelry. Now, I really appreciate dainty, small, and delicate. My personality has changed, and for me to be wearing jewelry it needs to not draw too much attention from my toddler.”

New Years Eve

“See, New Years Eve is not such a HUGE deal to me anymore. I can barely make it to 10pm, never mind midnight. There are celebrations everywhere, and every year I think it might be fun to attend, until the day actually arrives.”

6 Printable Fathers Day Cards

7 Summer Accessories You NEED!

“Summer is coming, though we are still under snow, and it’s soon going to be time to bring out the fun summer accessories!”

Simple & Meaningful Jewelry

“Today I’m sharing some simple and meaningful jewelry that I am so grateful to have received for my wedding! Please welcome Sol Impressions!”

Yoga Clothes You Need

“I LOVE activewear! I would wear it every single day if I could. Today I’m sharing with you some yoga clothes you NEED!!”

Hashtags For Blogging

“But, do you know how to use hashtags to increase your following and blog traffic? The hashtag is simply a number sign, and it’s a type of metatag used on social networks. It connects together and makes it easier to, as I say, “find your people”.”

10 Ways To Increase Blog Traffic

“But, it can definitely be tricky to find ways to bring new traffic to your site. So I’ve compiled a list of 10 ways you can use to increase your blog traffic!”

“It has been quite the year, hasn’t it? I wanted to take a moment and really dive in and reflect on how much I’ve grown and changed over the year as a blogger and content creator. This year has definitely served many hardships, and financial struggles, and I believe reflection is an important part of growth. I’m determined to grow and to do better. I’m committed to being the best me I can be. So, let’s go! 8 ways I’ve grown and changed as a blogger and content creator.”

“Well, maybe not everyone, but I do know a lot of us do. The dream of working right from our bed, maybe even in our pjs and yesterdays make-up?”

A Struggle with Bipolar Disorder

“It’s beginning to feel like I am doing this. Like I’m in charge of my bipolar disorder. I am destroying my life and hurting everyone around me, on purpose. I, of course want to believe that isn’t the case. But what if it is? What if I am just simply not a nice person? Is it possible that these are my true colors and I can’t change them?”

Bringing Spring Inside Your Home

“As the days get longer, and the sun is feeling a teensy bit warmer, it`s hard not to think of spring looming!”



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