AD|This is a sponsored post. The photos have been provided to me by the incredible shop owner. All opinions however are my own, as is my recommendation for you to check this shop out.

Bijoux Orion is a beautiful little shop that I recently stumbled across and wanted to include in my Valentines Day writing. Valentines Day means something different for every one of us, and I think that is what makes it such a beautiful and unique day. For some, it is a very celebratory day, but for others it is very calm and laid back, perhaps earning no recognition whatsoever.

However you approach the day, or don`t approach it, this little shop is one to see on any day of the year.

You will find in this shop elegant gemstone jewelry for women and men.

Creating all sorts of ways has been the shop owners` passion through all her life; drawing, painting, sewing and making costumes of all sorts etc.

These past years, jewelry making took a special place in her heart. She loves to be able to use what mother earth provides, like all kinds of amazing stones and metals, and participate in a great quality finished product that one can wear for all to see and to be inspired by.

It is her great privilege to be able to offer something one looks for, and her great pleasure to give the best customer service she possibly can! So, if you want a different detail on a piece of jewelry, please do not hesitate to ask.

Check out this unique shop for a beautiful gift for that special person in your life.

Happy 2020 Friends

Love Always, N


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