Enn is standing in front of a white wall with her hands in the shape of a heart above her head.

Hey Gorgeous,

Thank you so much for stopping in here. I`m Enn and I live with GAD (generalised anxiety disorder), along with bipolar 2 disorder.

This is my space where I share my passion of spreading awareness of life with mental illness, and all the struggles that go along. I share all my thoughts from within that I struggle with, and preach all things self-care and self-love.

I am devoted to my relationship with myself, and hoping to inspire you to be devoted to yourself as well. In my blog you will find lot`s of things surrounding self-love, self-care and wellness.

Always remember, self-care and self-love is crucial no matter at what stage in life you are at. They are in no way, shape or form selfish.

Take the time that you deserve and indulge in yourself!!

I work hard to create a space of openness and non-judgement. My intention is just to share the raw, honest truths that I face each and every day, with the hopes to inspire more people to speak up and get help.

I wrote books and I'd love your help with them!

Self-love, self-care and all things related to wellness are of utmost importance on this blog. Though you may find the occasional fun post that explores another topic, my passion is educating others on the importance of self-care, self-love and how they directly relate to one`s mental health. 

In no way, shape or form do I this is how we solve mental illness. Being a mental illness warrior myself, taking medication everyday in order to function at my best. However, taking a beating from demons each and every day, I do believe we all deserve some extra love, and that it`s crucial.