If you’re someone who reads my blog frequently, thank you, you’re the best. And if you’re new here, WELCOME. Thank you for taking time and energy out of your day to spend with my writing. I can’t tell you how much that means to me. Writing is my passion, and I love connecting and getting to know my audience! Send me messages, let me know how you’re enjoying the content, and if you have any suggestions for me, I’ll gladly listen! I am someone with Bipolar 2 Disorder. Today’s post comes from places of living experience, knowledge, and research. I will link sources so you can investigate more yourself. Bipolar Disorder is a serious mental illness, and one of my passions is spreading awareness and learning. So. Here. We. Go.

Bipolar Disorder and Focus

I live with Bipolar 2 Disorder. They say it’s the “less intense” version of Bipolar Disorder but I beg to differ. Well, I certainly can’t compare it to anything, however, I am just advising you to not let the name of it steer you from taking it seriously. Being #2 doesn’t mean less severe or less dangerous. Check out this old blog post if you’re interested in some Bipolar Myth Debunking. 

Lately, I’ve noticed that focusing is tough. Completing tasks is insanely difficult. The need to Google every symptom has brought me to now share with you some information surrounding Bipolar Disorder and focus. I’m always wanting to shift the conversation surrounding Bipolar Disorder. I’m trying to share that it’s not simply mood swings.

So, while Bipolar Disorder is characterized as a mood disorder, it is also in fact a neurological disorder and a disability. (Yes, mine has been declared a disability.) It’s known for the dramatic shifts from high to low, but nobody wants to talk about the effects of those shifts. The disorder can affect the way you think, along with the way your memory functions. Not every person with Bipolar Disorder struggles with concentration, but a notable amount does. I am definitely one of these.

Bipolar Disorder can make it more difficult to think clearly, understand reason, and make decisions. This is something that I struggle with A LOT. I am constantly working on skills to develop being able to make decisions. While cycling through moods it’s even commonly reported to have memory loss and memory impairment. So while it definitely affects your mood, Bipolar Disorder is a disorder of the mind. Sometimes it is so intense I just can’t anymore. I lay on the couch with a blanket over my head feeling an overwhelming amount of emotions.

If you’re interested in learning about the parts of the brain that might be affected by the disorder then read this post – How Does Bipolar Disorder Affect Memory?

If you’re someone with a Bipolar Diagnosis I would love to hear how your focus and attention span is. Comment below or email me at

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12 thoughts on “Bipolar Disorder and Focus – Concentration – By Thoughts with N

  1. Great post, and I totally get where you are coming from, I too have bipolar, and I try daily to manage my symptoms. Currently, I am too having difficulty concentrating, and I have to try my hardest; it is very tiring. I’m glad you are sharing so others can benefit from your wisdom.

  2. Hi! This sounds so much like my mother. They never told us which kind of bipolar diagnosis she had, but I believe it was 2 as well. She often spent much of the day overwhelmed and curled up in bed.

    I wish they had helped her earlier – she spent much of her life diagnosed with depression and anxiety – and those treatments didn’t work.

    I’m glad you’ve received the correct diagnosis, and I hope you find relief from those symptoms.

    Thanks for sharing this journey and your vulnerability!

  3. Thank you for taking the time, energy and care to educate about this — I’ve learned some new things about bipolar disorder and appreciate you sharing your lived experiences. There still seems to be some mystique around it so this will no doubt help anyone needing some support. Thanks for sharing!

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