Six years ago today, I sat by my window in my big rocking chair, rocking my brand new baby.

She was now 24 hours old, and I remember looking at her, and feeling such awe. I couldn`t understand how something so perfect could come from something so imperfect and broken.

Now she is six, and a power house. She has taught and inspired me to extents that others aren`t able.

My little girl is an angel, and I don`t mean she never misbehaves, because that would simply be untrue. But, it feels as if she is watching over me.

She has such a soft demeanor, but a strong personality. I often wish I could have her boldness.

My little girl has grown up amidst chaos and even violence, and despite all this, she continues to bloom. She never asks for better, or more, or even voices any wishes she has. She is content right here, in this moment, with what she has.

My angel has more kindness in her than I ever thought possible, and can forgive the most wicked things.

My daughter has experienced pain, hurt, bruises, punches, and more, and is still a shining star, and would gladly dim her shine to help someone else shine brighter.

My little girl is a special kind of person. She is unlike anyone I`ve ever known.

I remember feeling so overwhelmed when she was born. I was so afraid I was going to be a bad mom. Something so perfect deserved the very best.

I have definitely tried to be the very best for her. She is an intense inspiration to me. And while I like to think I`ve taught her a few things along the way, it would be nothing compared to what she has taught me.

My little girl is what made me want to get better, and understand my mental health. I need to be here to see her and help her grow up.

So today, as I look at her, I see that tiny little baby that I brought home 6 years ago, and I simply can`t believe how lucky I was then, and how lucky I am now.

Thank you for sharing your grace and kindness with me, and teaching me that good people, and good things still happen.

Happy Birthday to my little girl.

Love Always, Mama


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