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Everyone has that dream of working for themselves, right?

Well, maybe not everyone, but I do know a lot of us do. The dream of working right from our bed, maybe even in our pjs and yesterdays make-up?

Not having to worry about dress codes, or even the weather outside. You know those crazy awful days where you don`t even want to leave your house? Guess what, you don`t have to!

But, one thing that I`d really like to point out, is that IT IS NOT EASY!

I read SO many pins before I got started all around how someone made eighty bajillion dollars in their first month of blogging, and like honestly, I don`t know who did that, but congratulations to them, that is NOT what happened with me.

It takes hard work and a lot of dedication.

So, how do I make money blogging?

  • Ads – This one I haven`t gotten into really. I do advertise for other bloggers on my website. You can check that out over here Advertise with N. I know there is Google Adsense though.
  • Affiliate Marketing – I have read that this can be HUGE for some bloggers. I am still getting the hang of this. I recently became an affiliate marketer for Elegant Themes actually and I am SUPER excited!
  • Sponsored Blog Posts – I have starting learning a bit about this and recently had my first one!
  • Creating a product, e-book, course, etc. Take what you know well, and create a product, and share it! My books are, Wellness with N, which has TONS of info surrounding creating a healthy and happy life, and my poetry book, which I donate 10% of the money to a mental health organisation.
  • I also host online Wellness Groups, which include an ebook, and group chat offering support, resources and more.
  • Offering Coaching Services. I offer coaching services for many different avenues.

How do you make money blogging? What are your tips?

I want to hear them!

Love Always,



21 thoughts on “Making Money Blogging

  1. This is a really helpful post for new bloggers who are wanting to make money from their blog. Thank you for sharing your suggestions.


  2. I don’t know if this counts, but my blog has attracted clients for my marketing business that either ask me to write for them or do other marketing work for them, and that pays for the blog and them some, which is nice! I post in on my LinkedIn, freelance profile, etc. for exposure. The website itself has not generated any passive income for me…yet….I have no ads there however and am just learning to drive traffic to it after over 2.5 years, lol. So that’s to be expected, I suppose!

  3. Really helpful post! Of course the goal for most bloggers is to produce an income from it, I personally like to use affiliate marketing a lot and selling digital products as well!

  4. It’s a lot of hard work , earning decent amount of money by blogging. There’s a lot of effort that goes in, definitely not easy. Nice post N ?

  5. Completely agree! I’ve seen so many posts like that recently, claiming to amke thousands and thousands in their first month, along side a full time job and it doesn’t seem very realistic for a lot of people, thank you for sharing a more realistic guide 🙂
    Laura x

  6. Great post. It’s a dream of mine to actually start making money blogging. You have some great ideas and tips to try.

  7. Thank you for sharing these ideas! I keep meaning to signing up for google affiliate marketing. I must do that. I have worked with a brand in a sponsored post. I have worked with lots of other brands with gifted opportunities. I thought about doing an ebook, but wasn’t sure anyone would actually be interested. Thank you for sharing the other ideas! Xxx

  8. I’d love for blogging to be my actual job! I wish it was! I personally haven’t earned much with ads (I’m on Blogger and as far as AdSense I’ve earned $0.47, haha), so I’m currently thinking of transferring to premium or going self hosted (even though self hosting scares me). I’d love to work with affiliates but I just don’t have the numbers yet, unfortunately. But these are all great ideas and I hope I can get there someday!

    Emily |

  9. I’m figuring out it takes a lot to start making money from your blog. But I do like your tips in this post. I will have to look more into those things

  10. Really lovely post, It does take such hard work and determination to be able to become a full time blogger, but I would always suggest to anyone that if that is there dream, then they need to fight for it!

    Love Alexa,

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