Another blogtober has come, and I wish us all luck going through the month!

I wish I could say I am planned and ready, but I am not. I tend to make my anxiety much worse if I plan too far ahead.

I wanted to start blogtober reflecting on the last year of blogging for me, and of course introduce myself in case we aren`t already friends!

So, hey! I`m N!

I am a twenty-something lifestyle blogger with 3 little rugrats who call me Mama. I love to write, drink coffee and binge watch Netflix.

I am passionate about mental health and raising awareness around the struggle of life with mental illness. I live with Bipolar 2 Disorder and Anxiety and writing gives me a release of everything that haunts me.

I participated in blogtober last year, and when I look at those posts now, I can certainly see how I`ve grown as a blogger.

I learned a few things over the past year that I think have helped me a lot, so I wanted to share them for any other bloggers to use.

Use headings.

Break up your post using headings. It makes it much more reader friendly, and far less overwhelming to come to a page filled with words.

Go self-hosted.

This was a HUGE thing for me this year, and while it was SO exciting, it was also very stressful! However, once it was finished, I was so happy! I got a lot of help from the Twitter blogging community, and I was SO thankful!

Learn Pinterest.

It seriously is an art. It is DEFINITELY an art worth learning though. Pin your stuff, and others stuff frequently. Create a board specifically for YOUR blog posts only, and use hashtags in your pin description.

Be real.

Write in a real and honest way. Don`t just write for the sake of writing. Connect with your audience and share your experience and knowledge.

Use images.

Put some beautiful images in your blog post. First, it makes your blog post beautiful, and second, is another way for your audience to really connect with you, the amazing blogger.

Tag Brands.

I use to be SO nervous to do this, but honestly, just do it. Get your name, and your amazing blog out there. If you have favourite products, like shampoo, make-up, etc, let them know you are a fan. This is going to get you noticed and maybe some sponsored opportunities!!

You don`t need to be a big blogger to make money.

This is something I wish I understood from the beginning. You can monetise your blog right away. Reach out to brands and pitch. Remember, they will not always reply… but sometimes one will. You can`t get that one reply if you don`t send out those pitches.

You don`t need to have a LARGE following. It matters most how engaged your audience is, and how interactive you are.

Respond to comments.

Interact, interact, interact!!

Get to know your readers. Help and support them. Gain their trust.

Blogging is a lot of hard work and dedication but totally worth it! Immerse yourself in the blogging community and soak up all the knowledge!!! What are your quick blogging tips?!

Did you read my post yesterday? I`m writing about relationships and the simple key to keeping the love alive.

Love Always, N


18 thoughts on “Lessons

  1. Thanks for the tips! I am still working on learning Pinterest. I have never tagged brands – this is something I need to look into!

  2. Great tips here. I’m still getting to grips with Pinterest! Haven’t had the nerve to approach brands yet but I’m trying out affiliate marketing. Never heard of Blogtober, must check that out!

  3. These are great tips. And I love the pictures in your blog too! Best of luck with Blogtober! I did something like that at the beginning of this year when I took three months to write a blog post every day responding to a devotional I was reading. It was very hard. Looking forward to reading what you come up with.

  4. These are great tips for blogging – it is always so rewarding to look back at old posts and see how much you’ve grown!! <3 I definitely need to use Pinterest more – I'm just such a chatty person that I feel more incentivized by Twitter even though I know Pinterest is more effective at generating traffic lol!

    Wishing you luck this Blogtober!!

  5. Very good points! I seriously struggle with Pinterest, either I got it completely wrong or it really does take too much time per day to keep the numbers up to a significant amount of views. But everybody says it’s a great source for traffic so I need to investigate how I could make it work.. xx

    Teresa Maria | Outlandish Blog

  6. “Create a board specifically for YOUR blog posts only” – I didn’t know about this! I put my pins in separate boards. Can I ask what’s the reason behind doing this? I’m really bad at pinterest.

    Thanks for sharing the tips! 🙂

  7. These are some excellent tips, and they could not have come at a better time! I am also doing Blogtober challenge – it’s my first time around, as I started blogging this past January. I am hoping it will build my skills, so I’m glad to see you had that experience. Good locuk with the challenge this year!

  8. Ahh, excited for your Blogtober to start! This has already inspired me so much, especially as I’ve taken quite the blogging hiatus – thank you for the tips, I should really start looking into self hosting!

  9. This post is a huge help to me as a blogger. I’m going to use every bit of what you’ve learned in the past year in my new blog. Thank you for sharing!

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