Today I did a thing.

I went to an event that, frankly, is AMAZING, and I watched from afar last year. By afar I mean through the eyes of Instagram.

This year, I was able to work up enough courage, and calm my anxiety to go. ALONE! I went somewhere all by myself.

BoPo Beach Day – – – – – – – – – – Body Positive Beach Day 2019

So this day, is really only a tiny aspect of what this amazing girl is doing, but it is all around body positivity and celebrating our bodies, which is AMAZING. You can see right from first glance that this gym is unlike ANY other gym around. The goals and intentions are no longer to loose weight and be `skinny`, but rather to crush diet culture and smash beauty standards.

This day happened last year as well, but my anxiety would not even allow me to think about it attending. I wanted to so badly though.

This year, I read about it and I remember thinking to myself, oh I wish I could go to something like that. I remember my husband asking why I couldn`t, and really, I didn`t have much of an answer. Just… my anxiety.

It slipped my mind for a while, until last night. The night before. All of a sudden I was filled with so much courage and had this burning desire to go. I signed up for my ticket before the courage left me.

However, this morning, I was shaking and in tears.

I thought it was so stupid of me to ever think I could go.

My husband stayed by my side all morning, encouraging and rooting for me. See, I wanted to go. So much. But, I felt like I just couldn`t.

I got ready (and even put on make up!), and packed my bag and left.


Now, what is BoPo Beach Day?

It is a day dedicated to creating a safe space for all bodies to be celebrated and welcomed at the beach.

Now, if you have read any of my other posts, you know that the beach, bathing suits and I have been on a journey this year as well.

A journey of accepting my body, it`s flaws, and even trying to understand that maybe my flaws aren`t flaws, but rather just a part of me.

A journey of jumping off the `need to lose weight` bandwagon and getting ON the one devoted to caring and respecting my body.

Going, I felt odd. I didn`t have anybody to go with. I was worried I would be out of place, not to mention, I`m not exactly great at talking with people (thank you ANXIETY).

The organisers of this event were/are AMAZING, and beautiful people. Being around them just makes you believe you can do great and amazing things. They have that vibe that just builds everyone up. You feel like a million dollars around them.

They are the kind of people I hope to be one day.

The day was filled with so much laughter and smiling. Cheering for one another as we all celebrated our bodies and posed for pictures.

We all come in different shapes and sizes, and no one size is the `right` size. All bodies are beautiful and amazing and I`m so glad I got to take part in an event that was completely dedicated to that.

I urge you to go follow on Instagram and be in awe on a daily basis by the strength, courage, inspiration and love that is shared.

Love Always N

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