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I`ve written about Essential Oils before, but I thought with Valentines Day on the horizon it would be a great time to do so again. Essential Oils really do make a great gift for all.

Enter BoyMomVibes. Tamara created her shop to do all those diy’s nobody has time to do but also get extra benefits from essential oils. 

 Tamara loves being crafty and creative. She definitely uses it as a therapy tool.  Wanted to do something different, she started creating unique products with quality ingredients at affordable prices- then Boy Mom Vibes was official.  

These car diffusers have been a favourite since day 1. They can be customised with different colours,  charms or tassels.  They clip on to anything from air vents in cars,  fans,  or lockers.   The best thing about them is you control your smell by adding your favourite essential oils or scents.   Mine is my liquid xanax blend.   

Tamara has always dabbled in essential oils mainly the mlm kind,  but they never were what plant therapy oils were to me.  She knew not all oils were kid safe but never really knew details until looking more into oils that a friend told me about.

Once she tried a few oils Tamara was H O O K E D. 

But she had a wanting to do more than just play and use oils. Tamara wanted to create and make things that she know were safe yet affordable. Creating my own diys with the essential oils was going to be my thing. 

Someone who isn’t into Essential Oils, Tamara would recommend doing their own research,  not basing something off popular opinion or just because someone told you.   Start with 1 oil and master that as you grow.  Dilute them before applying them to skin and watch ratios, you don’t want to create more problems for someone when trying to help.   Have fun be creative.  

For any reader who may not know, Essential Oils are concentrated extracts of various plants.

There are many different Essential Oils along with different blends. They hold many different uses as well.

I`m still quite new to exploring them, although I LOVE peppermint, cinnamon and vanilla oils. There are different blends to help with anxieties, sleep, headaches, periods, and more.

Make sure you use them in the way they are intended to, and read warning labels. But definitely be creative!

Because of how broad Essential Oils are, I think anything regarding them would be a lovely gift!

Thoughtful and beautiful, it really doesn`t get any better!

If you have any questions or curious about these INCREDIBLE products, contact Tamara at

What is your experience with Essential Oils?

Love Always, N

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13 thoughts on “BoyMomVibes

  1. I have started dabbling in essential oils in the past year. I wear Ylang Ylang on a lava rock bracelet daily. I find the citrus oils have the best effect on helping my concentration on high anxiety days.

    1. There is so much to explore with essential oils! I love vanilla and during this past fall I really enjoyed cinnamon. Sending you so much love!

  2. I wouldn’t have thought of essential oils, but you’re right there are so many varieties that it makes the perfect personalized gift. Thanks for the idea.

  3. I love essential oils and I do think they make great gifts for people who use them! Sadly, I am too allergic to most of them to be near the scent. It sucks!

  4. Here’s another essential oil lover! I use them daily, there’s a diffuser in nearly every room in the apartment and an essential oil is a must! Lavender being my absolute favourite! ?
    I love your blog and design! ?

    1. Thank you so much for such a beautiful comment!! I love lavender too!! I love how diffusers are so unique and can be beautiful gifts as well! Thank you so much for stopping in at my blog love!?

  5. I love essential oils! There are so many ways you can use them and so many scents that it’s just full of possibilities. I have to be a bit careful as I have a cat, but there are loads of ways to use them that are pet-friendly. I like to put a few drops of citrus-based oils in my bath to really zest them up! These items look lovely, they’d make great gifts.

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