Winter is upon us, and here in Manitoba it get`s VERY cold.

Sometimes reaching temperatures as cold as -50C! It can be very hard to be motivated, or inspired to do something on a day where going outside is painfully cold.

We all know the positives of getting outside, and the fresh air, and sunshine, but when it`s so cold, it feels unbearably impossible to put big puffy jackets on if staying inside is a possibility.

It is said that 2-3% of Canadians will experience seasonal affective disorder at some point in their life. (Read more here.) Adults are at a higher rate of developing it, and woman are at a higher rate than men. So while self-care, and self-love is important throughout the entire year, it`s really important to be noticing how we are feeling throughout these cold months. (You can find more about how I am making some changes in 2020 surrounding self-love and self-care over here.)

Self-Care and Self-Love

Embracing time for self-care and devoting time to self-love can be very difficult.

Time is very hard to come by often, and life is very busy.

Three tips to ensure you have time for self-care:

  • Make daily to-do lists with the tasks that you want to get done each day. Doing this will help you see what you are wanting to accomplish each day, reducing stress, and anxieties of what is coming ahead.
  • Turn your phone off in the evening. Maybe this isn`t something you can do every single evening, but even just one evening. You will find that you have a much clearer mind, and you will automatically be more present and in the moment.
  • Schedule your self-care. I know that sounds odd, doesn`t it? But, if we schedule doctors appointments, hair cuts and dentists, then shouldn`t we schedule time to take care of our mind and body?

Self-Care can/and does look different for everyone.

And that is perfectly okay! The sky is the limit for what the possibilities are to do for self-care.

January can bring a lot of stress and blues from the holidays that just passed. Maybe exhaustion from so many gatherings, or stress from finances, but with Valentines Day on the horizon, it seems like we can`t get a break.

If you are someone who gives gifts at Valentines Day, why not give something to promote self-care and self-love?

LightOnMe Candles is a beautiful shop that is a candle shop that is beautiful!

Their aromatic soy candles are entirely handmade in Canada, from 100% organic soy wax without GMO. To perfume them, they use a blend of premium fragrance oils without paraben and phthalates and 100% pure essential oils.

Their soy candles made from this natural wax emit 90% less soot and do not increase CO2 levels in the atmosphere when they are burned.

6 Spaces To Put A Candle For Self-Care Intentions:

  • Your bathroom. The look of these beautiful and simple candles would be very inviting in a bathroom and who doesn`t love a nice smell?
  • Your kitchen table. Kitchens are one of the most used spaces in a house. A candle can add a touch of relaxation in a space that is often not relaxing.
  • In your office. This would promote a very relaxing work environment, possibly making work more manageable?
  • Your bedroom. Romance, self-care and self-love all wrapped into one!
  • Your basement. Sometimes basements can be somewhat dreary, and lack light, so a candle can definitely add a touch of softness to the air.
  • Your living-room. If it is safe of course. Keep up high if you have small children, but adding candles on end tables or coffee tables is a very nice touch to a room.

The wonderful part about candles, and self-care, is that it is a lovely gift for anyone.

If you buy gifts for your children`s teachers, coaches, or family friends, along with family, and partners, a candle is a beautiful gift. Every single person requires time to care for themselves, and Valentines Day is a wonderful time of year to remind loved ones to take that time and that it`s most definitely NOT selfish.

Something as simple as a candle can definitely cheer a loved one up, and make them feel special…

something that would be lovely if our loved ones felt that everyday all year. Though I am writing in terms of Valentines Day, I am also writing to remind you to slow down, and to not forget yourself. Please don`t get lost in the stress of the post-holiday time, and please don`t take on more than you can handle for Valentines Day. I feel that candles make amazing gifts all year long, but even for yourself. Treat yourself. Let yourself have that thing that you buy for others. You deserve it.

Self-care is necessary. Always. Remember this. Giving a gift that promotes this increases the chances that your loved one will practise it. It shows you care, and you value them. Is there a better gift than that?

Do you love candles?

Love Always, N


31 thoughts on “Burning Candles As A Form Of Self-Care and Self-Love

  1. Totally agree, candles can bring so much joy to a day despite being such a small thing. I usually light candles on Friday evening when the work week is done and I allow myself to relax with a glass of wine and a movie.

  2. -50 degrees! Wow!!! I adore candles, they are truly therapeutic. Candles are such a perfect gift for those who provide care for us, eg teachers and parents as you say self care is so important xxx

  3. I love candles. There is something so lovely about snuggling down for the day with the candles going.

    My friend makes and sells the most amazing scents.

    They are an instant pick me up x

  4. I suffer from Seasonal Affective Disorder. I live in a fairly warm climate. I just canโ€™t imagine living somewhere that cold. Iโ€™d be a mess. I think for me it has to do with sunlight.

  5. A few things:
    To do lists are my sh@t. I love them and find them to be very helpful. They keep me focused on what I need to do

    I need to schedule and practice caring for myself more often. I donโ€™t do that enough and I can tell my body needs some tlc

  6. I love all of these tips for self-care! I totally agree with these tips โ€“ especially when we have so many things to do. I agree with you about how it is different for everyone. Some of us find joy in certain activities more than others :).

    Nancy โ™ฅ

  7. I adore candles. I have so many. They’re so great and certain smells can really give me a lift. Also, having them all lit when I’m at home makes the house so cosy!

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