Hi, hello!! Thanks for stopping in here! If you’re new here, WELCOME to thoughts with n blog! I’m N, short for Natasha. I love writing and sharing my thoughts. If you’ve been here before, thanks a million for coming back here again! You’re the best, and I appreciate you. Before I dive into my real thoughts on the Call Her Daddy podcast, I want to ask if you’ve seen my last post – 10 Must-Have Home Items? I’d love it if you gave it a little peeksy. Now, let’s dive into the Call Her Daddy podcast and my obsession with Alex Cooper!

The Call Her Daddy Podcast

Alex Cooper is changing the way that women are viewed and seen. She is a freakin’ powerhouse, and from what I understand, she’s involved in every part of the production of her podcast. She learned, figured it out, and is now, from what I understand, the highest-paid female podcaster on Spotify. If you’ve never heard of this badass lady before, welcome to the Daddy Gang bitches. Grab your tequila because we’re going for a ride.

Who the F is Alex Cooper?

Alex Cooper is my idol. Call Her Daddy began as a comedy and advice-giving podcast back in 2018 with Sofia Franklyn. The pod was formerly owned by Barstool Sports and, in 2021, became a Spotify exclusive worth 60 million dollars. The beginning of the Call Her Daddy movement is raunchy and hilarious. Every episode will have you laughing your ass off.  After the public dispute between the two women, Alex Cooper ended up going her own way with Spotify and has changed the Call Her Daddy name forever. See, Call Her Daddy used to be all about sex, and while it remains a sex-positive environment, Alex Cooper uses her platform to talk about important things. And that’s just one of the many reasons I love her.

I love when huge influencers use their platform to have real conversations about real things, and that’s exactly what the Call Her Daddy podcast is now. It remains entertaining and wildly hilarious while still talking about important things.

Never Listened to The Call Her Daddy podcast?

Don’t worry. I’m sharing some of my favorite episodes and a bit of what they’re about. This way, you can dive right on in. The beginning Call Her Daddy episodes are funny, interesting, and hilarious. I do recommend listening, but those aren’t the ones I’m sharing today.

Call Her Daddy – An Interview with Jamie Lynn Spears

This episode is freakin’ epic. I was never one to jump on the free Britney train but only because I just didn’t really know. But this episode is an interview with Jamie-Lynn Spears, and you get to hear her view, perspective, and feelings; Alex is so good at interviewing. This is a 2-part interview, and I recommend watching both!

Call Her Daddy – Christine Quinn – Confessions of a Reality TV Villian

This episode is fire. Christine Quinn is so incredible! Alex does a terrific job interviewing her; you see who Christine is. She is surprisingly calm, collected, and sweet as pie while still being a boss bitch. This is a super, super awesome episode.

Call Her Daddy – Anna Delvey

I was super obsessed with the Netflix series Inventing Anna, and when I saw Alex Cooper was going to interview THE Anna Delvey, I definitely did a little shriek. SO COOL. Hearing Anna Delvey in the interview was so interesting. And Alex asks the questions. Even the ones that might be awkward to answer, Alex doesn’t sway, and I am here for it. I love the hard stuff.

Call Her Daddy – Colton Underwood

I’m not even going to say anything about this one. You just have to listen.

Call Her Daddy – Amanda Knox – “I didn’t fucking do it!”

This is an epic episode. A must-listen.

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Alex Cooper Buys a $10 Million House

Have you ever listened to the Call Her Daddy podcast? Are you as obsessed as I am? What’s your favorite episode? I’m such a fan and a fan of Alex Cooper herself. She’s quite the businesswoman, and I’m so glad I get to raise my daughter in a world with powerhouse women making history!

Love Always, Natasha


10 thoughts on “5 Call Her Daddy Podcast Episodes You Need To Hear!

  1. I love listening to podcasts and I’m always looking for new additions. I’ve seen clips of this show around on social media and this is a great reminder to check it out later today. Thank you for sharing!

  2. Ooh I love this! I hadn’t heard of Call Her Daddy before but I loe that it covers important topics whilst still maintaining humour, that sounds like a must listen for me! Thank you so much for sharing, will definitely be checking out some of these episodes <3

    1. I love true crime podcasts. Thanks for sharing that one, I’m gonna take a listen. I really like killer queens, first degree and Canadian true crime. Have a beautiful day!!?

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