If you had asked me 10 years ago if I enjoyed camping I wouldn’t even have been open to trying it.

I couldn’t understand why someone would choose to sleep outside. And I HATE bugs.

I finally tried it 3 years ago, and have been in LOVE with it ever since! The first time we went my youngest was only 3 months old. There were so many things to figure out. I was still breastfeeding and even still recovering.

It was definitely a lot of work. But it didn’t scare me off because 2 weeks later we were exploring a new campsite again!

There was this incredible feeling I had when I was out camping.

The first two feelings that come to mind when I think of camping are peace and calm. There is something simply euphoric about being surrounded by trees, hearing the birds and life just slowing right down.

Now we’ve gone on many, many camping trips.

Each one brought countless laughs and memories.

So here are 6 reasons I love camping!!

  1. I never truly appreciated the sky until I saw it camping. Being away from the city took away the city lights. Camping gives me an opportunity to slow down and notice the sky.
  2. Camping taught me how very little I need to thrive. I think sometimes all the options at home can be overwhelming. When I’m camping, my only options are whatever I remembered to pack.
  3. I was able to try things I wouldn’t have otherwise. I’ve experienced some beautiful hikes, canoe-ing, bonfires, storm clouds, and so much more.
  4. Peace and quiet! The day to day routine can get chaotic and loud. Taking a step back into peace and quiet is so rejuvenating.
  6. Being close to water. I love setting up my beach chair right on the water and watching my kids splash and play in the beach and sand.

Currently our campgrounds are closed due to COVID-19, so I’m keeping my fingers crossed that they will open up for summer.

Do you have a favorite summer hobby?

Love Always, N

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59 thoughts on “6 Things I Love About Camping!

  1. I want to go camping! My partner isn’t up for it ? Hopefully he’s be less close minded and give it a try!

  2. I’ve not been camping in years but I’ll definitely be getting back to it once we get past covid19. I love outdoor hiking though!

  3. I have never been camping I am ashamed to admit but it sounds like great fun! The only thing that puts me off is sleeping in a sleeping bag they make me feel so claustrophobic if I could find an alternative I would love to go

  4. I love camping! I’ve been going camping since I was a little kid! We try to go every year during the summer! I love all things about camping and I’ve asked to go for my birthday this year in August! Thanks for sharing!

  5. I grew up in a family where camping was the normal, my mother camped when she was pregnant with me and I was camping before I was a year old. I am SO thankful for that because I am a firm believer that there is no greater escape from our fast-paced society than to spend some time in the middle of nowhere reconnecting with nature. I always leave feeling recharged and ready to take on the world!

  6. Camping is the ultimate comfort for me! It’s all the slow summer days of my childhood and my grandpa making sourdough hot cakes. We’re planning our first camping trip of the year in the back pasture. It’s just time to camp.

  7. Lovely post, I too love the fact that you don’t need to take loads of things with you to make it enjoyable. One of the things I love is the sound of birds in the morning, I never really appreciated it before I went camping

  8. Well. Camping and me – we have a complicated relationship:) On the one hand, when I am there I enjoy myself (if the weather is kins)on the other hand the before part is HARD work – packing up a family of 5 for camping. We live the house with the car packed to the max:) but I agree with your six reasons for loving it – there is nothing like the open sky and the stars when you are there, and really out of all the vacations we took as a family – the kids just have the time of their life when they are camping. We were planning on going this month but like everyone else, we will have to wait:)

  9. A while ago my mum wanted to go glamping but we never did. I really want to go camping again because I loved it when we went on a school trip years ago.

  10. I had a camper when my kids were younger and we tried it for 3 years. I didn’t enjoy all of the work that went along with it so I gave it up. Now that everyone is older I think it might be fun to try “glamping”. ?

  11. Once the world overcomes this Covid-19 menace and gets back to normal, I have my heart set on outdoor camping. Totally with you on all the six resaons!

  12. I can’t say I enjoy camping! I’m not much for the cold or being outside but I can understand why some people love it. Who knows, I might give it a go after all of this is over just to shut off from technology for a while!

  13. I miss camping and I wish I had time for that kind of thing but I don’t anymore. My favourite thing was smoking by the camp fire and watching the flames, letting the pattterns change and my mind wondering off into the aether.

    1. I love campfires. I find them so relaxing watching the flames dance. Thank you for reading and commenting.

  14. The last time I’ve been camping is maybe 7 years ago ? I hate bugs too and I hate hiking but I don’t mind being in nature and getting away? Maybe I’ll do a little camping trip with my honey! Love the post ?

  15. I use to Love camping when I lived in Illinois! It was the best and you are absolutely right about the night sky! I like how you mentioned that you realized you don’t need much to thrive on, this is so true! Loved the post!

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