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You all know how I love my cannabis, so today I’m sharing what you NEED in order to have the best experience.

(If you’re curious about my cannabis journey, check out this post first! Using Cannabis As A Female)

First things first, you need a rolling tray! This helps to keep the area neat and tidy as well as ensuring you aren’t wasting any cannabis when it drops out. This particular rolling tray is one of my favorites!

At Lisa V Studio you will find a place for fun and unique items concentrating on lampworked art. Lisa designs and creates her pieces using quality glass and materials in Lodi, California. The pipe poker/dabbers are approximately 7 inches long made with her beads and strong 1/16 inch diameter stainless steel rods. You can also find bong earrings and marijuana leaf earrings among other items. These one of a kind finds will have your friends asking where you got it! 

Rolling papers are also a must. They let you explore joints! Rolling a good joint is definitely an art, but quality papers are essential. Check out Choast for the best. You can learn more about this incredible brand over here.

A station to keep it all neat and nice is a must! HeadyBlok has been in business for 1 year! The idea behind Heady Blok came from personal need a lot of people are social smokers and moving all your glass and accessories can take multiple trips so the creator wanted to design a station that would hold everything you need and cut your trips down to one!

Of course you also need the cannabis! I get all my cannabis from JustCannabis. Just Cannabis is a BC-based medical and recreational marijuana dispensary that is committed to proving Canadians with easy access to affordable and top-grade products. Their team is comprised of experts with over 25 years of experience in the field of cannabis and magic mushrooms.

My favorite bong is one you NEED! Check out MyBudVase for a gorgeous and feminine way to smoke. Bongs that double as vases, they are able to be discreet and secret or a functional piece of decor.

What are some of your must-haves?

Love Always, Enn


7 thoughts on “A Few Things Every Cannabis User Needs

  1. I don’t use cannabis but this was a good read and very informative. I love everything you provided that can be use as well. The roller is super cute. Over here in the US it’s not legal every where yet, and if you have a certain amount on you and get caught, it can result in jail time.

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