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    My Second Birth – A Story Of Love

    This is the second part in my 3-part series sharing my birth stories. If you haven’t read the first one yet, you can find it at Normalize All Motherhood Journeys. I’m sharing my stories to highlight what many women face…

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    A Misunderstood Mom

    This is the first installment of a series surrounding the struggles of being a mom with mental illness and raising a child who is struggling during quarantine. Being in quarantine is tough AF! As is being a very misunderstood mom.…

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    Inspirational Jewelry

    AD| This is a sponsored post. All photos and information surrounding the brand have been provided to me by the brand. My recommendation and opinion is 100% my own. I am an advocate for expressing self-care and self-love on a…

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    The Sleepover

    My youngest child is two and a half and has yet to make it through a sleep-over. This past Friday, there was a plan for him to have a sleepover at their grandparents house with his sister. He was SO…

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    Post-Partum Depression

    My little girl came into the world exactly when she was due to. October 21, 2013. She came as if she was in a rush. Almost as if she had somewhere to be, or something to do maybe. She was…

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    I knew that with baby #3 I was going to breastfeed. I had tried for 1 day with baby #2, but it just wasn`t for me. Baby #3 was going to be my last, and I was determined to have…

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    Winding Roads

    Today, I really felt like doing something. But, not just going to the park here in town. I go to the park everyday. And, not just going for a walk either. I do that everyday as well. See, being a…

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    The Scoop on Potty-Training

    It seems as if once a baby turns 2 years old, then it is assumed that it`s time to begin the dreaded POTTY-TRAINING. First off, I`d like to know who made this a rule?! It is a requirement for SO…