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Welcome to Charmed and Cherished! A shop like no other, and filled with beautiful and unique items. Perfect for any time of the year, but definitely the upcoming holiday, Valentines Day.

She is a designer and wax carver, who carves everything seen in her store, and on her website from scratch! She has an entire custom business, carving waxes for one of a kind pieces that honour special events.

Amanda has been designing jewellery and carving wax for over 18 years. She started professionally in the giftware industry. After having learned so much over the years, Amanda decided to use her experience as a Master Carver to create her own business.

The initial concept, and still her favourite project: Creating an annual birthday charm for her niece, every year her Dad (Brother) commissions a charm representing her favourite thing from the previous year.

Amanda has made her favourite stuffed animal, her snow suit, and her dog and best buddy, to name a few. It is such an honour to be a part of this annual birthday tradition in my family, and for other families that she works with. Because she makes everything by hand, specifically for you, Amanda can make EXACTLY what you want, down to the finest detail.
These, and their stories can be found on her website.

Another piece that would be simply lovely for Valentines Day is Amanda`s take on a locket. The pieces fit together when the stars align. It is a perfect gift for mother/daughter(s), sisters, or best friends. These can be worn separately, and click together, when reunited. 

The full moon and the half moon click together, when the stars align.

They can be worn together, or two connected souls can wear one each – knowing that their other half is out there, somewhere. 

Multiple half moons can be made, to fit the star, if you have more than one meaningful connection to celebrate!

Beautiful Hearts

These hearts are all unique – each one is ‘built’ by layering (and layering, and layering) beads of melted wax, building the piece up to make single or interlocking hearts. Then they are cast in silver or gold, as the client wishes. I can also create a setting for red rubies, or any birth stone on the edge of the heart, if the client would like.

Amanda will make one for you, specifically. No one will have the same Heart. Ever.

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Love Always, N

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