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Rolling Papers To Roll The Best Joint

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You all know I like my cannabis, and I know some of you do too, so today I’m sharing with you about rolling papers.

It has taken me MONTHS to learn how to roll a good joint, and now I want to share some tips, and things I’ve learned about rolling papers. There are so many different kinds, all with different textures, taste, burning speeds, sturdiness, style, and more. For being such a small thing, there are definitely many variables My favorite though, is natural hemp papers. It’s like smoking weed using weed. I find that they are easy to roll with, and the taste is subtle. It’s my style 100%.

Today I’m introducing Choast Rolls. Choast Rolls are authentic, unrefined, and unbleached. Their mission is to become a Canadian leader in the rolling paper industry. At Choast Rolls, they believe that quality is the most important part of an enjoyable roll. Their papers are an all natural, cost effective alternative to the current leading brands.

They are located out of Toronto, Ontario and their teams dream is to compete in the market with some of the best rolling papers around the world. After years of searching and crafting they are proud to introduce to you.. “?????? ????? ???.” Canada’s new and complete ALL in one rolling paper system.

I encourage you to try their papers out for yourself and compare them with the current leading brands.

Satisfaction Guaranteed!

What you get?

32 Natural unrefined & unbleached leaves with no additives in every booklet
Closing magnet lid to help keep your papers stay fresh and Choasty
Natural Filters included in every pack
High quality slow burning natural rolling papers
Natural Arabic Gum
Easy to roll papers; perfect for people just starting out

Enjoy your handmade roll even more with their premium 1 1/4″ sized rolling papers!
Perfect for making regular rolls or those cones rolled by hand. These Premium King Sized rolling papers are thin and durable so you can enjoy a slow burn and unique experience. They are flexible thin and easy to roll so you don’t have to waste any herb in the process.

These classic Premium rolling papers have 100% natural Arabic glue line to provide a perfect seal for every roll. The natural Arabic gum is durable, but completely non-toxic. It will not interfere with the flavor of your smoke. Their Paper wraps are made using natural hemp plant fibers. It is a classic and even-burning paper designed to enhance your experience. This premium rolling paper provides strength, fineness and a slow burn. The pack includes 3 booklets with 32 papers each. The rolling paper booklets are compact, lightweight, and very easy to fit in your pocket.

Let them know via social media @choast once you’ve received your order! They want to hear about your experience and share it with their followers! #staychoasty

With multiple 5 star reviews, they are AWESOME and I highly recommend!

Follow them on Instagram here Choast Inc and check out all their awesome links HERE.

What do you look for in rolling papers? Have you tried these ones? What do you think?

Love Always, Enn

P.S. Learn about CBD and Anxiety!

12 Comments on “Rolling Papers To Roll The Best Joint

  1. Hi N. I sometimes (depends on my mood) smoke Cannabis just to relax my mind and body. And this is a good alternative especially when you said it’s non toxic, unbleached and natural. We really have to be cautious what we put into our body.

    Happy Valentine’s Day❣
    Do everything in love.

  2. This was really an interesting post. I don’t use cannabis, but learning about special rolling papers was fun to learn. In the past it was regular paper lol. Society have really come a long way. Love the rolling paper too, very nice.

    Thanks for sharing

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