AD- This is a sponsored post, made possible by the brands mentioned below. I would like to wish them a very happy holidays and all the best in the new year!

By now you likely are aware that I use cannabis on a daily basis.

I think there is a lot of stigma attached to the use of cannabis and I try to use my platform to break down some of these. Today’s gift guide is dedicated to all things cannabis and hemp! As always, click on the name of the shop to take you directly there! (Also, check out my gift guide for the dog mom too!)

TheCoasterSource is a shop owned by Lynn, a Boston-based artist who has been painting for over 15 years. Born out of her love for bright colors and good wine, The Coaster Source features hand-painted marble and ceramic coasters fit for every style and occasion. Lynn is passionate and meticulous about her pieces – taking care to design and cure each coaster resulting in gorgeous artistry and unparalleled durability. Lynn’s shop also features wood coaster holders in warm wood tones, hand-carved by her business partner John of Oxford Woods.

TrichsandTreasures is a little shop owned by Jennifer. The name was inspired by the trichomes in Cannabis and its amazing medicinal benefits. She makes keychains, stickers, pins and more! She has a passion for art and her muse is Cannabis. 

HushKushPouch is a Canadian based company focused on creativity, versatility, discretion and environmental concerns, who locally designs and produces smell proof and eco-friendly colorful pouches for the cannabis enthusiasts. Each pouch is made using Perma-B technology, a unique process in the cannabis market consisting of strengthening the inner surface of each carrying pouch by coating it with a beeswax based natural ingredient compound. The Perma-B technology gives the product its smell proof, durable, and biodegradable qualities, making it so appealing to its users.

Two lines of pouches are available:

– The on-the-go pouches from “The Original” collection are smell proof, waterproof, biodegradable and reusable. They are compact, lightweight and can be carried around easily. Ideal as pre-roll storage, these colourful pouches will add style to your routine!

-The large format pouches from “The Genuine” collection are smell proof, discreet and size adjustable. These pouches made of genuine leather will protect with elegance the smoking gear you wish to carry around discretely.

OrganicallyGrownHemp is a wonderful small shop! Stop in and check out their soap!

DanuSoapsandMore is owned by Candace. Her daughter’s sensitive skin and hers was what started Candace on this journey to create herbal skin care products that were nourishing and healing for their skin. Once she started researching what kind of chemicals was going into the mainstream commercial products she set out to learn as much as she could about the different oil properties that can be used and what benefits they would bring to the skin. From there Candace realized it wasn’t just about the oils being used but also the different herbs that bring the ultimate healing properties for he products. That was the point she began to study herbalism under Susun Weed to further broaden her knowledge of the plant world.

The one thing Candace wishes that most people knew about her products is that she always strives to produce a product that is not only good for your skin, but will also help to heal, soothe and bring relief to your skin no matter if it is one of her soaps, lotions or balms.

CreationsJSL offers eco-responsible products for everyday life!!

TerracottaPlants & Melts offers a unique experience for Etsy consumers, by providing the best wax melts and plant trimmings. The shop was founded in 2020, by Jordyn, a cannabis enthusiast, aspiring florist, and DIY artist. Her best selling products are the Jazz Cabbage Wax Melts. These marijuana leaf-shaped melts are the perfect gift for your fellow stoner. All melts are handmade to order, from 100% soy wax (paraffin free) blended with fragrance oils. Each leaf has a burn time of 60+ minutes and is 100% dank (THC/CBD free). To use, simply place one Jazz Cabbage melt into your wax warmer, sit back, and spark up. As the minutes pass by, you will escape into the sweet aromas of the Holidays, such as Rosé, Vanilla, and Gingerbread Cookies. Merry Melting and Happy Holidays!

These are some incredible shops that are filled with amazing goodies! Make sure you shop small this year to support our small business community!

Love Always, Enn


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