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A few days ago I shared my Christmas Gift Guide and it is filled with AMAZING stuff!

I wanted to create one specifically tailored to the dog mom this year so enjoy this one! Brands and products that are perfect for the dog mom in your life! Or even perfect for yourself! Click the name of the shop to visit and support!

PetJigSaws A one of a kind design to celebrate the one of a kind love you share with your furry (or scaly) best friend! Get ready to build a memory that will last a lifetime. Boxed with care by them, built with love by you!

PoochyThreads is owned by Samantha Graham-Smith. She is currently living in Montreal Canada with her husband, dog and 4 cats. Samantha has struggled with mental health issues all her life and she never thought she would see herself running her own business. She has her dog Toki to thank as she changed Samantha’s life completely since adopting her. Samantha never found joy in much until she started sewing bandanas for her in 2018 and with the help of some friends she decided to try making them for other pets as well. Samantha’s products are made with her love and the most attention to detail so you can be sure they are great quality. Although the name suggests that her products are for dogs; any pet can wear these awesome products to make a statement. She also offer matching items to your pet so you can feel great while matching your best friend. In 2020 Samantha decided to donate 10% of her portions to a local rescue, Peanut Mutter Rescue. So by purchasing her products you can also help dogs that are in need. Samantha hopes to grow her business and offer more products in the future. Keep checking back as she am always working hard on her Etsy shop to bring your pet’s joy!

Aspiringwilddesigns is a handmade pyrography business that focuses on nature inspired wood burned art in the form of kitchen decor such as coasters, cutting boards, and wooden spoons, as well as seasonal holiday and home decor pieces. AWD was founded in October 2018 by Jessica de Boer, and is currently based out of her home office in Eganville, Ontario.   

Taking the simple beauty of the outdoors and amplifying it in their pieces is what they do best. They use locally sourced wood from their family farm and fallen down barns in the community to create their artwork. Making all of theirr pieces by hand brings a unique element to each and every item they create – especially since their wood burner Jess is a southpaw. It’s an automatic quality that ensures she does things a little offbeat from the rest of the world. 

HandcraftedByElleBee is based out of small town Cold Lake, Alberta and began as a ‘side hustle’. Lindsay came by this wood working business honestly – her mom started her own wood working business when she was 30 and has been thriving ever since. Lindsay used to help her with standing and staining. It wasn’t until her 30’s that her love and passion for it returned and it began!

This ‘side hustle’ has slowly turned into a part time job and has allowed Lindsay to curate such beautiful and custom work for clients.

When she am not curating – she is working a full time job within the healthcare field which I also love just as much as woodworking. 

TinyOasisDesigns is owned and run by a dog mama chasing her dreams ! She hopes you enjoy the selections in her shop whether it is for yourself or for a special someone! She is always on the lookout for the latest trends and this is the place where you can find it all!

TheMonkeyLabCrafts is owned by a husband and wife duo who met “on the job” as First Responders.  Prior to starting their craft business called The Monkey Lab we both enjoyed spending time together and making things.  Since getting married they have wanted to start a small home based craft business in order to work together and to bring people joy.  Their work revolves around the community and what better way to continue to serve people than by bringing them joy with crafts.  Their shop is named the Monkey Lab after their two rescue dogs.  Their first dog, pictured in their logo, is nicknamed “Monkey” because she loves to climb on everything, including them. Therefore they refer to the both of them as their Monkeys.  They like to incorporate gifts with a pet theme due to the amount of joy theirs bring to them.  They hope you enjoy what they have to offer.

CooCooCaChooChoo is owned by Stephanie. When she was very young her father would do craft projects with her, but not the standard types of crafts. They would build things together like kits and shadow boxes. As she grew, she would make dollhouses out of shoe boxes all the time. In her pre-teen years she was introduced to bead work and Stephanie stayed with the hobby right up to this day. She has ncorporated some elements out of polymer clay over the years, elements she has worked by hand.
A job she had some years ago was with a hobby company, and she began to design scale model buildings for a customer’s railroad layout. The company he was trying to order from was always out of stock, so Stepahnie picked up from where she left off with her father.

FutureFoxCreations is a beautiful shop.  It has handmade magnets and pins. Custom mugs and stickers. Designs to make you smile.

LJOutfittersCo is an online extension  of a historic Canadian family business dating back to 1905.The owner is a 4th generation entrepreneur with over 35 years in customer service. All merchandise is hand decorated in house and shipped within 24-72 hours to you! LJ Outfitters Co. believes very strongly in quality, value, and customer service.

Diamondstickerstudio is owned by Crystal. She has always loved stickers so she decided to start her own sticker shop this year!  Crystal sells handmade vinyl stickers as well as personalized vinyl decals. The stickers and decals are created in her home in Vancouver, Canada. Her stickers are a perfect addition to a laptop, phone case, notebook, scrapbook or water bottle. Crystal’s decals are created with permanent vinyl and add a special personal touch to anything you want including bridesmaid proposals, laptops, gifts and water bottles. She hopes you like what you see. Thanks so much for stopping by!

These are some of the most incredible shops and perfect for that dog mom in your life! What is your favorite piece?

Love Always, Enn


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