AD- This post was made possible by the below mentioned brands! I am so thankful to have worked with them and wish them a happy holiday and all the best in 2021!!

This gift guide will feature crafts, self-care, hobbies and more!

Everything you need to take care of needs, wants, and more during this uncertain time in the world. In this guide you will find things to help comfort another and show them positivity and love. As always with my gift guides, click on the shop name to visit and support the store.

Give the gift of making bath bombs with fizzyfuntastics! Bath bomb kits are SUPER fun to use, and then relax and indulge in a warm bath!

WatercolorLifeCanada is a beautiful shop owned by Faye.

She is motivated to share what is important in her life with my family and others. Since everyone in her family has received many hand painted cards and journals it is time for her to share with others her watercolor art, inspired by nature, and included in handmade journals.

In a time when slowing down to appreciate nature is healing Faye hopes her Watercolor Life Journals and Art Cards will be a place you will want to write and record your own thoughts, ideas and discoveries to be shared with others for generations to come.

MacramebyFiberKnots is a small shop founded in 2018. They make and love all things Macrame! They use only 100% cotton rope that we purchase in Canada. Their best selling items are their diy kits that they created over quarantine to help pass some time for families, while stuck in the house. Turns out they are a hit! Now they have 5 diy kits that have turned them into a full-time business! 

Nora’sWaterColorWonder While sharing her watercolor artwork on Instagram and Facebook, Nora was receiving a lot of feedback from people that said that they loved painting, especially watercolors, but that the drawing of the subject was very hard for them because they had no drawing skills. Nora had been mentored and coached by several other watercolor artists in the past, so she decided to pay it forward and help others with their painting journey! So the idea of the Paint With Me kit was born. It includes drawings of hers on watercolor paper, and paints and a brush to help people start painting with the hard part…the base drawing…already completed! She also wrote a 2 page helpful tips/tricks so people can have some idea of how watercolors work (which is definitely different than other mediums!!) Nora’s hope is that this kit will jump start people’s creative talents and send them on their own journey with painting!

VeganFitKit is a proudly owned Canadian vegan snack subscription box dedicated to helping you discover amazing vegan products. Every box is specially curated to provide you with tasty snacks that are vegan and perfect for on the go. Purchase a subscription or as a one-time buy. 
Our mission is to celebrate the plant-based lifestyle, how ever that lifestyle fits into your daily life. You don’t have to be a vegan to enjoy our snack boxes, they are for everyone!

TheCreativeBlockShop is amazing! Creative Block is a tool that makes getting unblocked less painful and less more playful. The Block isn’t magic but the results can be magical. Inside you’ll discover over 100 curated breakthrough suggestions from artists, neuroscientists, mindfulness and creativity experts —all designed to get you into a new headspace, and back to your craft. Consider it a game with just one rule: stay open.

MainaBoutique and Bali3DArts are both owned by Pushpa. Bali3DArts features papertole and 3 dimensional handmade art. MainaBoutique features bangles, jewelry, purses, bags, 3D art, and 3D art supplies.

Willowsmarketplace is devoted to a clean, non-toxic lifestyle creating all-natural bath, body and home products and gifts. Their aromatherapy gift sets are handmade with essential oils, dried flowers and clays. They are beautiful and smell lovely! Their gift sets are a blissful way to celebrate and connect during this holiday season.

Join their journey to conquer toxic chemicals, one home at a time using all-natural ingredients in your bath, body & home products and gifts:

These are all amazing gifts to give to someone else, or even indulge in yourself! Which one is your favorite here?

Love Always, Enn


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